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Complete Conditioning for Golf by Pete Draovitch and Wayne Westcott

Complete Conditioning for Golf
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Foreword: Greg Norman

Grip it and rip it like never before! Now you can put more distance on your drives and long irons without investing in a new set of clubs. Complete Conditioning for Golf will help you develop the power, flexibility, and coordinated swing required to generate explosive force for maximum distance. And with greater muscle endurance, youíll have better control over your shots right through the final hole. With added power, youíll be able to use higher lofted clubs into each green, resulting in more accurate shots!

Pete Draovitch, personal trainer and physical therapist to PGA Tour star Greg Norman, has teamed up with internationally acclaimed strength training specialist and golf conditioning researcher Wayne Westcott to develop the first truly comprehensive golf fitness manual. Complete Conditioning for Golf will have you turning on the ball with greater force than youíve ever felt before. 

Draovitch and Westcott provide 105 exercises and drills to develop your strength, power, flexibility, and coordination, resulting in a swing that produces greater distance and control with each club. Also included is a special 15-minute workout developed specifically for busy people like you who want to maintain strength and flexibility for that next round of golf. More than 100 demonstration photos are included to ensure proper technique for the best possible results. The authors even include a nutrition chapter, making Complete Conditioning for Golf the only golf fitness book you need.

Like other books in Human Kineticsí Complete Conditioning for Sports Series, this book presents a sport-specific training program proven to produce the highest level of performance and to help you prevent injuries. If you want only one training manual for your game, Complete Conditioning for Golf is the smart choice.

About the Author

One of the first conditioning experts to begin training golfers like athletes, Pete Draovitch has been personal physical therapist for PGA Tour star Greg Norman since 1993. He also serves as physical therapist and wellness consultant for Martin Memorial Medical Center, as president and CEO of The Bodyguards, Inc., and as spring training physical therapy consultant for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball organization.

An accomplished writer, Draovitch has had articles appear in GOLF Magazine, Muscle Training in Orthopedics and Sports, Physical Therapy, and numerous other publications. He has been featured in golf segments on ESPN, NBC High Performance Golf, and 60 Minutes and in articles in GOLF Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, and USA Today.

Draovitch holds a masters degree in physical therapy from the University of Miami and a masters degree in sports medicine/physical education from the University of Delaware. He is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, the National Athletic Trainers Association, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

With more than 35 years in strength training as an athlete, coach, teacher, professor, researcher, writer, and speaker, Wayne Westcott, PhD, is recognized as a leading authority on fitness. He has served as a strength training consultant for numerous organizations and programs, including Nautilus, the Presidentís Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, the National Sports Performance Association, the International Association of Fitness Professionals (IDEA), the American Council on Exercise, the YMCA of the USA, and the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation. 

He has received three of the highest honors in the fitness profession: the IDEA Lifetime Achievement Award in 1993, the Presidentís Council Healthy American Fitness Leader Award in 1995, and the YMCA Robers-Gulick Memorial Award in 1998. 

Westcott is currently the fitness research director at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts, where he has carefully studied the physiological responses of adults to various programs of strength exercise. In 1996 he conducted a landmark study of 1,132 subjects showing that men and women over age 50 build strength and develop muscle at the same rate as younger adults. Together with co-author Tom Baechle, he wrote Strength Training Past 50, which was ranked as one of the ten best health and fitness books of 1997. 

Westcott has authored ten other books on strength training, including Building Strength and Stamina and Strength Fitness: Physiological Principles and Training Techniques. He has published over 300 articles in professional fitness journals and has written a weekly fitness column for one of Bostonís largest newspapers since 1986. He has served on the editorial boards of Prevention, Shape, Menís Health, Fitness, Club Industry, American Fitness Quarterly, and Nautilus.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Fitness Essentials for Golf
Chapter 2. Golf Fitness Evaluation
Chapter 3. Flexibility for Full Swing Mechanics
Chapter 4. Strength for Maximum Distance and Control
Chapter 5. Postural Stability for a Consistent Swing Plane
Chapter 6. Coordination for Power Transfer and Skill Execution
Chapter 7. Nutrition for Practice and Performance Energy Needs
Chapter 8. Complete Golf Conditioning Program
Chapter 9. The 15-Minute Golf Fitness Workout

Words of Praise 

"Pete is one of the most knowledgeable people in sports conditioning. This book will enable even the average golfer to improve his or her athletic performance and get their golf swing fit for life."
David Leadbetter
Owner of 18 golf academies worldwide 
Instructor for Greg Norman and Nick Price

"I encourage everyone to do conditioning drills as part of their program. The different level medicine ball drills help to promote weight transfer and develop rotational speed."
Butch Harmon
Instructor for Tiger Woods 

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