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Sports Speed
by George Dintiman, Bob Ward, Tom Tellez

Sports Speed, 3rd Edition
(Item # SBSPEED)
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Foreword: Leroy Burrell

Sports Speed, the second edition of the successful Sportspeed, is the perfect training guide to help athletes of all ages and levels maximize their speed and quickness. 

Using the latest research, the authors have updated and expanded their trendsetting seven-step model that builds all key components in developing speed for sports--strength, power, technique, and endurance.

Sports Speed covers all aspects of developing speed, including specific movements and skills for seven specific sports. The book shows how to create individual or sports-specific speed training programs for age-group athletes at all levels—from high schoolers to Olympians and pros.

Starting with skills assessment, athletes can evaluate themselves and zero in on specific areas needing improvement. This guide also explains how to save training time and improve performance while reducing injuries. Other highlights include

• 85 photos showing proper exercise technique;
• 92 drills for speed and quickness training;
• sample training programs for basketball, football, baseball/softball, soccer, hockey, tennis, and track; and
• guidelines for creating a personalized speed program based on individual strengths and weaknesses.

World-class speed improvement expert George Dintiman and former Dallas Cowboys conditioning coach Bob Ward bring more than 50 years of speed training experience together with the expertise of world-renowned Olympic and University of Houston track coach Tom Tellez to provide the most comprehensive resource available on speed improvement for sports. Barry Sears, author of the New York Times best-seller The Zone, adds a chapter on nutrition for speed development.

Use Sports Speed to create individual or sports-specific speed training for

• football,
• soccer,
• basketball,
• volleyball,
• baseball,
• softball,
• tennis,
• rugby, 
• track and field,
• hockey, 
• and many more sports.

Let the experts show you how the principles of speed improvement can apply to any sport.

About the Author

George B. Dintiman has more than 30 years experience in working on speed improvement with athletes at all 
levels—from beginners to the pros. The author of 30 books and three videos on speed improvement and health and wellness topics, Dintiman also is an NFL speed consultant and an internationally recognized authority on speed improvement for team sports.

A Little All-American running back at Lock Haven University in 1957, Dintiman set more than 15 rushing and scoring records, four of which remained in place prior to the 1996 season. He was a draft choice of the NFL Baltimore Colts and the CFL Montreal Alouettes in 1958. He was also a star for Lock Haven’s basketball and track teams.

Dintiman received an EdD from the Teachers College of Columbia University in 1964. In 1993 he was an inductee of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame, Capital Area Chapter. 

Dintiman is a board member of the International Sports Science Association and is president of the National Association of Speed and Explosion. His leisure activities include writing, tennis, jogging, and weight training.

Bob Ward is a sport scientist who was conditioning coach for the Dallas Cowboys from 1976 to 1990. He is currently a sports research consultant in Dallas, primarily at Mannatech.

An author, columnist, and lecturer, Ward has coached athletes at all levels, from high school and college to pro and Olympic.

Ward became aware of the need for sports conditioning while competing as an athlete in football and track. In 1954 he was an NAIA All-American fullback of Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington. 

Ward has coached several Olympic champions and numerous championship football and track teams. During his tenure as coach at Fullerton College, athletes set national records in the high hurdle relay, the discus, and the hammer throw. 

Ward has authored other books on sport speed and has lectured extensively on conditioning, track and field, and nutritional support for athletes. He developed a software program--based on many forms of the martial arts--that is currently used in the NFL and at many colleges. Along with NFL Hall-of-Famer Randy White and world-class martial artist Valentine Espiriceuta, Ward also developed a sports martial arts video, Creating Big Plays.

Ward received a PED from Indiana University in 1973. He is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. His wife Joyce is a drama and dance teacher at Bryan Adams High School in Dallas. They enjoy being a part of all aspects of their five grandchildren’s growth and development, and use what Ward calls the "If-they-don’t-get-it-now" principle in helping to raise them.

Tom Tellez has 38 years of coaching experience as a track coach. As sprint coach for the Santa Monica Track Club, he has trained world record holders Carl Lewis and LeRoy Burrell and Olympic 200-meter winners Mike Marsh and Joe DeLoach. 

Tellez is currently the head men’s and women’s track and field and cross country coach at the University of Houston, where he has coached since 1976. He was an assistant track coach in field events from 1968 to 1976 at UCLA, which won consecutive NCAA championships from 1971 to 1973.

A member of United States Track and Field and the NCAA Coaches Association, Tellez was head men’s coach for USA teams at the 1991 World Championships. He has also coached USA teams in Pan American competition. 

Tellez’s favorite leisure activities include jogging and horseback riding. He and his wife Kaye live in Houston.

Table of Contents 

Chapter 1. Assessing Your Speed
Chapter 2. Seven Steps to Improving Playing Speed
Chapter 3. Step 1: Basic Training
Chapter 4. Step 2: Strength and Power Training
Chapter 5. Step 3: Ballistics
Chapter 6. Step 4: Plyometrics
Chapter 7. Step 5: Sport Loading
Chapter 8. Step 6: Sprinting Form and Speed Endurance
Chapter 9. Step 7: Overspeed Training
Chapter 10. Designing Your Personal Program
Chapter 11. Sports Speed Nutrition by Barry Sears

Words of Praise 

"The book will be a part of my training, as I play in June in the new women’s NBA. I will use it as one of my edges. I like that the book is very specific with assessment, how to train, and then the ingredients to do it. It’s a terrific book."
Nancy Lieberman-Cline
Sports Broadcaster for ESPN and Fox Sports Network
Member of the Women’s National Basketball Association

"The authors blend their triumphant formulas to 
fine-tune a holistic approach to the ultimate level of play."
Suzy Chaffee
Olympic Alpine Racing Champion
Three-time Freestyle World Champion

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