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Weight Training Fundamentals
by David Sandler

Weight Training Fundamentals
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Learning weight training basics has never been more effective—or more fun—than with Weight Training Fundamentals. Students will enjoy using this resource because they will learn by doing and spend less time reading and more time engaged in activity. With simple instructions and accompanying photographs, they will learn how to perform basic exercise techniques quickly and simply.

Weight Training Fundamentals features definitions of common terms used in the weight room; exercises for each major muscle group; easy-to-follow instructions and sample programs to get students started right away; and clear explanations and applications of weight training principles such as FITT (frequency, intensity, time, and type), gradual progressive overload, individuality and specificity, and adaptation. In short, Weight Training Fundamentals provides everything you need to engage your students in a strength-training program safely, effectively, and in less time!

David Sandler is a seasoned instructor and coach with extensive knowledge of weight training. Sandler knows how to make weight training safe and fun and communicates clearly and succinctly.

Each chapter in the text addresses a specific exercise or technique and leads the students through a simple, four-step sequence:

·You Can Do It: The skill is introduced with sequential instructions and accompanying photographs.

·More to Choose and Use: Variations and extensions of the primary skill are covered.

·Take It to the Gym: Readers learn how to apply the skill in the weight room.

·Give It a Go: Several direct experiences for gauging, developing, and honing the skill are provided.

As part of the Sports Fundamentals series, Weight Training Fundamentals will increase your students’ knowledge, skill, and enjoyment of strength training. Building muscle shape and tone has never been so easy to teach—or to learn! 

About the Author
David Sandler is a professor of kinesiology at Florida International University, where he teaches strength training and biomechanics courses. Sandler is also a PhD candidate and research associate at the University of Miami, where he was a strength coach and held national records in the bench press. He is a frequent contributor to magazines such as Muscle and Fitness, American Men’s Health, Men’s Health, and Oxygen. Sandler serves as a faculty, board, and committee member for several national fitness organizations, including the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Warm Up, Stretch, and Cool Down
Chapter 2 Chest
Chapter 3 Upper Back
Chapter 4 Shoulders
Chapter 5 Traps
Chapter 6 Triceps
Chapter 7 Biceps
Chapter 8 Forearms
Chapter 9 Abs
Chapter 10 Lower Back
Chapter 11 Glutes and Hips
Chapter 12 Quads
Chapter 13 Hamstrings
Chapter 14 Calves
Chapter 15 Developing Your Program

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