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Frank Juarez Shamrock Training Seminar

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Experience how it feels to train with the Fighter of the Decade! From his world famous training facility The Universal Submission Academy, you'll hear and see the Five Time UFC World Champion in action. More fun than a basic "how to" instructional tape, this video gives you Franks real personality plus never seen before promotional footage. UFC Championship victories, and live interaction with students just like you!

As the finest submission master in the world, Mr. Shamrock teaches submission techniques with a grace, clarity and simplicity that anyone can learn. he breaks down the art into what he calls the "Physics of Submissions," which incorporates physical laws of motion, leverage, speed & power to successfully apply every hold. Mr. Shamrock's tremendous talents for both teaching and fighting are absolutely unparalleled.

This video features live footage from this latest seminar with a great overview of such important submission techniques as arm bars, leg locks, and heel hooks. You'll also learn full body conditioning and plyometric drills to improve your explosive speed and power. FJS is the best in the world because he trains the hardest and most efficiently in a variety of cross training disciplines.

Now you, too, will be able to practice and include these techniques as a part of your training regimen. Whether you're a competitive athlete or a training enthusiast, this tape will give you a great foundation to begin your training or take it to the next level.

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