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The Naypalm - Dribbling Aid - Set of 2

The Naypalm - Dribbling Aid - Set of 2Quantity in Basket: none

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Control the ball better, Blow by defenders, and 
Bust ankle-breaking crossovers with deadly speed!
  • Improve your dribbling
  • Strengthen your fingers
  • Move better with the ball
  • Dribble and Shoot with fingers only
  • Improve weaker hand

Dribbling is the single most important skill in basketball - without handles you can't move with the ball or make a move to score.

The key to dribbling is in the fingertips.  Many people use their palms to dribble and lose both control and access to their wrist power.  The Naypalm is designed to teach you to use only your fingers and strengthen your fingers and wrists for correct dribbling.  The specially designed button has bristles that alert you when you are using your palm.  You can also use it when shooting to help shooting form and prevent your palm from pushing the ball.

The Naypalm also helps you improve dribbling with your weaker hand by strengthening your fingers and helping you learn how to dribble the right way. 

One size fits all

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