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Power Wheel

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"No machine works the abs and back like the Power Wheel." 
- Matt Furey, Author of Combat Abs

"I can't tell you how valuable a component the Power Wheel has become in our strength program here at The University of Montana. There are so many aspects the Wheel covers in our program (i.e. flexibility, core strength, stability) that all our sports use it in their training regimen throughout the entire year." 
- Lacey Degnar, Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Montana

The Power Wheel develops great power and strength stabilization muscles in an athlete's power zone - torso (abs & lower back).

It also can be used to develop eccentric strength in your hamstrings which are responsible for about 50% of running speed and jumping power.  Used by many pro athletes to gain defined, powerful hamstrings while guarding against hamstring pulls.  Increased torso and hamstring strength means power running.
  • Train upper and lower body Power & Strength
  • Develop a Power Packed Core (abs & lower back) so you can transfer your Power & Strength more efficiently
  • Work hamstring curls for balance, strength & function
  • Decrease shoulder and lower back injuries by increasing core and joint strength

  • "The most functional way to train abs & low back since the balance ball!" -Tony Gray CPT, rated one of NYC's top 5 personal trainers

    The Power Wheel comes complete with a great instructional video with beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises. It is a great overall body and ab workout. Each exercise will push your torso to the limits and give you powerful hamstrings for true power running.
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