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Jumpsoles v 5.0 + Proprioceptor System

Jumpsoles v 5.0 + Proprioceptor SystemQuantity in Basket: none
Code: 1001PRO

Shipping Weight: 7.00 pounds
Choose your Jumpsoles size:
Small (Mens 5-7)
Medium (Mens 8-10)
Large (Mens 11-14)
XLarge (Mens 15-20)
Optional Accessories:
Set of 4 All Sport Cones (+7.95)
Speed Jumprope reg. $9.95 (+$7.95)

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IMPROVE - Balance, Agility, and Quickness used in running, jumping, and landing!
REDUCE - Risk of Ankle or Knee Injury by strengthening those muscles!
REHABILITATE - Faster following an injury - approved by Pro Sport Physical Therapists - including the 5-time champion San Francisco 49ers!

More Info Jumpsoles work a wider range of your calf and allow you to use more of your calf muscle, increasing your vertical and running speed.

Plus, upgrade the Jumpsoles with the Proprioceptor System! The version 4.0 were specially designed to use this device which develops balance and agility while preventing injury. Supercharge your Jumpsoles results. Proprioceptor plugs screw into the bottom of your Jumpsoles allowing you to do wobble exercises that build up crucial jumping muscles in your ankles and feet. Stronger ankles and feet mean more energy returned into vertical jump. You can add up to 3 extra inches to your Jumpsoles vertical with Proprioceptors! Complete with training manual & video.
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