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Jump HigherJumpsoles
"wooo look at the white boy fly!"

MY friend and i each bought a pair of jumpsoles several months ago.  i have to admit i was a skeptic. my friend, being 6'1 and 19 years old, while i am only 5'5 ( the shortest male in my high school) and 16, failed repeated times to convince me to buy them.  he told me theyd make me dunk but i laughed and joked that he was 8 inches taller then me so he had a shot at jamming (which he later accomplished through jumpsoles, after years of being teased for his lack of hops) but not me.  i finally decided to try jumpsoles to help me jump higher for the more acrobatic moves in tae kwon do (i have been training for 6 years and have a black belt), never expecting much improvement and just hoping for an inch or two.  i decided to dedicate myself to following the program for a month and see where that got me.  i added jumpsoles to my martial arts training for that month, and  i was amazed at the results!  not only did my jump increase by 5 inches, but my kicking power also increased, particularly my side kick. after 4½ months i gained a total of 14 inches on my jump.   my acrobatics have drastically improved allowing me to pull off incredible aerial flips and kicks such as 720s and various backflip kicks.   now, i am still the shortest male in my (small) high school.... but also the only one that can dunk.  although my height hinders me to only open break dunks, im hoping, and expecting for more inches to come.  ive become a believer and would encourage anyone to try the jumpsoles program and experience the same results. the feeling of getting that kind of air and seeing the expressions of my friends and onlookers is priceless (much more so then 80 bucks and a few hours of training).  in the words of a one guy i played against,  "wooo look at the white boy fly!" 

thanks jumpsoles!
         matt, the FORMER skeptic
Jumpsoles 4.0
Jumpsoles v5.0 + Proprioceptor System 
for up to 3 inches extra in Added Hops!
(with both manuals and both DVD/CD-Roms)
(Item 1001PRO)

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