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The Driving Range Backsaver

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Better Rhythm Means a Better Swing!

Stop Bending Over which Breaks your Rhythm. . . Just Flip your Driver. . . Tee up the Ball. . . and Swing Away!

Teefork plugs into the hole in your
club's grip.

Discover the joy of driving a golfball swing after swing without the painful drudgery of stooping to tee up the ball again and again. Bending over between each swing breaks your rhythm and interferes with the muscle learning process. By freeing you up to stand erect, the Teefork will not only save your back at the driving range, it will allow you to concentrate on grooving the proper swing without distraction from bending over. Just plug the teefork into the handle of your club and swing away!

Powerize your Golf Swing with the
Teefork Golf Workout Video:

  • Warm Up Secrets: This one warmup trick prepares your swing muscles to actually feel and remember the perfect swing
  • 12 Simple Stretches that magically increase your swing mobility
  • Swing Stabilizing Exercises that guarantee precise swings every time
  • Swing Power Exercises that unlock hidden reserves of power in your swing that you never knew you had!

Teefork w/ Power Driving Secrets Guide
& Video System

U.S. $19.95

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