Airball Grabber
Airball Grabber
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The Airball Grabber

The Net that Stays out of Your Way and Lets You Play!

Airball Grabber

Basketball Airball Grabber

The Airball Grabber keeps missed shots and airballs from going out of bounds.  It attaches to your pole so you can maximize your play area under the hoop.
  • Designed to maximize play and practice time by catching 'airballs.'
  • Promote safety, reduce chase time, reduce damage to neighbors property and plants.
  • The net is 10 feet wide and 14 feet high. For an average backstop of 54 inches in width, the Airball Grabber net will extend 33 inches beyond the backstop from side to side.
  • Light weight kit is fully installed in under 10 minutes.

Each kit includes:
  • Net (one)
  • Mounting Bracket (one)
  • Fiberglass rods (five)
  • Stainless steel hose clamps (two)
  • 4" plastic wire ties (one bundle 30 count)
  • Plastic stakes (two)

Tools required for set up:
Six foot ladder, screw / nut driver 

Airball Grabber

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Basketball Airball Grabber

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