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  • Multiple exercises work different areas of your legs
  • Comes with patented safety insured sleeved elastic
  • Complete with training manual - various exercises to work legs speed and hamstring strength.

Build explosive speed muscles for your legs!

Developing fast and powerful contraction requires explosive movements. Ballistic movements like this can not be done with free weights or a pulley system because your are moving faster than gravity. You can imagine what the stack of weights and the pulley system would be doing with explosive leg extensions or hamstring curls. Using elastic as the form and function of resistance, provides the necessary resistance for the muscles without damaging athletes or expensive equipment.

Unique 3 ring ankle harness allows elastics to be connected to all key locations of the foot to allow nearly all leg exercises possible. Comes with 2-All-legs straps, 2-4 foot elastics.

Simply hook onto anchor and you are ready to go.

All Legs Speed Builder
Price:  US $59.95

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