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Recent studies in the Physician & Sports Medicine showed that adding up to 5 lbs weights to each ankle increased caloric burn up to 25%!

Ankle weights can also be worn comfortably throughout the day to expend more calories.

Make sure you begin with slower than normal speed and gradually increase speed or jumping.  For vertical jumping exercises, softer surfaces are recommended, such as grass, a track, or an indoor gym.

Ankle weights are small sand or water filled bags that are worn around the ankles to induce more calorie burn. is the top American online store that sells sports training equipment and basketball training equipment at affordable prices. The online store also sells ankle weights that are made from top quality material and are highly durable. The ankle weights can be comfortably worn around the ankles and these can be worn throughout the day or during the workouts. For workouts it is important to start slow while wearing ankle weight and gradually increase the speed of the exercise as you feel comfortable with the weight. If you’re doing a vertical jumping exercise, then it is recommended that you use a softer surface like grass, track or indoor gym for all exercises. The ankle weights for sale are available in weights 5 lb and 10 lb and you can buy these as per your requirement. The ankle weights are ideal for all sportspersons who play basketball or volleyball as after exercising with these weights they will be able to jump better, higher and with more power. Buy this excellent training aid at, the best online store for sports training equipment.


Ankle Weights 5 lb
(two 2.5 lb. weights)
(Item # ANKLE5)
Price:  $19.95

Ankle Weights 10 lb.
(two 5 lb. weights)
(Item # ANKLE10)
Price:  $29.95

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