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Ankle, Elbow, and Knee Supports
The same material - neoprene - to support the elbows and knees

Ankle Supports Special!

What will you do with that extra support?

In rigorous exercises or sports that involve continuous running, a major stress is on the ankles and knees. The kind of shoes, ankle and knee supports that should be worn are very important. Also, the ankles are much vulnerable to sprains and injuries. There are various kinds of insoles and orthotics in the market that claim comfort and support, but still do not give the desired outcome. After much research, testing and experts' opinions to create a solution that works, JumpUSA introduces a brilliant range of ankle supports and knee supports that provide comfort and ultimate protection to the commonly sprained ligaments. Our ankle braces supports are really affordable and can be easily cleaned. These provide comfort, reinforcement and compression for better running. Made from the best material, these ankle supports can be worn in two ways for different levels of support and action. Our exclusive knee strap cho pat has been specially designed for the injured knee joints. It provides relief from pain, and stabilizes and tightens up the kneecap mechanism for added support and elevation. These are recommended by professionals and medical practitioners. We have a wide variety of supporting wears, each one targeted for specific use and benefits. Get better protection and faster speed for an unbeatable performance with our ankle specialist.

When you buy new shoes, what do you do?  You find name-brand NBA baller shoes and pay extra for that look.  But even the best shoes need insoles.  They look good, but they don't feel right, especially during sports.  JumpUSA has the solution.  We've tested all kinds of shoe inserts, insoles, and even expensive orthotics(that run average $200!) and have found the best material in terms of comfort and support you should put between your precious feet and the unyielding ground.


This is the same material they make wetsuits out of.  But we've taken a different type, more comfortable for feet while thick enough for support.

If you haven’t walked on neoprene, you haven’t felt the ultimate comfort. It's like firm carpet that supports each step and puts bounce in every step you make. Slip them over your socks and you'll see.  Even wear them indoors.

2 Ways to Support Your Ankle

Method 1 - Extra Ankle Support

Method 2 - Mid-foot, Arch, Ankle support


  • Comfort – Bounce in your step – you may never need insoles or orthotics again!
  • Support – Arch support. Double layers for extra support
  • Compression – Keep those ankles tight for better running and for after injury
  • Warmth – Keep your ankles and feet warm – essential for muscles during exercise
  • Fully Adjustable Tightness – Tighten for activity and loosen for comfort 
  • Soften Landing – Less stress on your body means you'll be healthy for more years!
  • Two different ways to wear:  Ankle or Middle of foot (see instructions at bottom)
  • Affordable – Much cheaper and don’t wear out like insoles or orthotics
  • Machine-washable – Ensures cleanliness

Ankle Support Special Price!
Fully Adjustable, One Size Fits All
$12.95 for one, $19.95 for a pair.
Quantity:   1   2 
Price:   $14.95 $12.95

 $24.95 $19.95

High top shoes are recommended for active sports.  Tie shoes tightly.

Method 1 - Extra Ankle Support
*The logo should face right for either foot.

Place your heel where the hole is and the long part pointing right.  Wrap around the ankle.

Method 2 - Mid-foot and Extra Arch Support
*The logo should face left for either foot

Place your heel where the hole is and the long part pointing left.  Wrap around the foot.

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