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Football Training Products

ATX Football Specific Nutrition

Athlete Nutrition Technology - ATX’s unique line of sport-engineered, Super Multi supplements gives each athlete the right combination of nutrients for his or her particular sport.

ATX Football Recovery Formula helps athletes in three ways:
  • Replenishes muscle energy reserves 
  • Helps increase muscle mass over time 
  • Helps protect joints and improve flexibility

ATX Football Formula
60 Tablets - 2 tablets per session
 (Item # ATXFB)
Price:   $27.99

ATX Zone 5 Football Formula helps athletes in three ways:
  • Provides nutrition for improved response time and mental alertness 
  • Contains powerful antioxidants and amino acids used in muscle repair 
  • Helps move oxygen into muscles where it is needed

ATX Zone 5 Formula
362 grams
 (Item # ATXZONE5)
Price:   $34.95

We recommend you to be at least 18 years of age.

The Story

ATX was founded in 2002 based on a simple proposition: “One size fits all” isn’t true for athletic equipment, and it sure isn’t true for athletes, either. 

In fact, every sport places specific demands on an athlete, a unique profile that ATX calls a PHYSIOLOGICAL FINGERPRINT™

Using that profile – studying athletes and working with trainers – we apply a proprietary, patent-pending ATX process called FUNCTIONAL PHYSIOMICS™ to create our unique Super Multi formulas. 

In 2002 ATX developed formulas for boxing, martial arts and combative sports that were hailed by managers and fighters alike as “impressive” and “worthwhile investments,” used by among others a champion kick boxer, an Ultimate Fighting legend, and one of the leading boxing trainers in the USA. 

We followed those products with a football formula in 2003 that has delivered record breaking performances by several athletes at the 2004 NFL Combine*.

As the future approaches, ATX's scientists are developing Super Multi supplements for more sports.

Pro Football Athletes Train and Succeed with ATX Formulas 

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News Releases

Sport-Engineered Athlete Nutrition Makes a Difference. http://www.prweb.com

Metuchen NJ (PRWEB) January 12, 2006 -- Two promising professional football players – Tad Kornegay and Aki Jones – made the grade this past season using a regimen that included ATX Athlete Nutrition Technology formulas, while training exclusively with TEST Sports Clubs in Martinsville, NJ. 

Prior to training, Tad and Aki met with the TEST nutritionist who put the athletes on a specialized diet plan. Starting four weeks before Pro Day, they took ATX’s “Zone 5” formula thirty-forty minutes prior to each workout, and both athletes said that after the four weeks of training they “couldn’t live without” their Zone 5. 

Their stories: 
Tad Kornegay, a native of Trenton, New Jersey, is a true success story. As a junior in high school, he stood 5-feet-1 and weighed 130 pounds, soaking wet. Now he is 5-9 and 182 lbs. Tad is an extremely hard-working athlete with a huge heart who always says “I want to work hard so I can give my mom a safer place to live.” Tad came out of Fordham University and made the starting lineup for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL. 

Aki Jones grew up in Bronx, New York and turned a tough background into a success story. Jones attended Christ the King High School in New York where he earned All-League, All-City, and All-Queens recognition in football. After graduating high school, Aki spent a year at Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts, then was admitted to Fordham University were he was a football standout and starter for all four years. Through his career at Fordham, Jones earned many honors including Second Team All-Patriots League (2004), team high sacks (senior year), second in sacks (junior and senior year), along with a degree in marketing and advertising. In addition to his athletic and academic accomplishments, Jones gave back to his community by taking part in Special Olympics. Aki landed a spot on this year’s Washington Redskins team.
Both athletes trained Monday through Friday over a ten-week period, as follows:
•    Monday: Upper body lifts
•    Tuesday: Linear speed training
•    Wednesday: Explosive lifts, upper body lifts
•    Thursday: Multi-directional speed training
•    Friday: Skill training, positing work, critique of Combine events

TAD: With the help of the TEST coaches in conjunction with ATX Zone 5, Tad was able to show significant improvements:
•    40 yard dash: 4.72 to 4.39 seconds
•    Vertical leap: 33 to 37 inches
•    Pro agility drill: 4.44 to 3.82 seconds – best in pro circuit, 2005
•    3-cone drill: 6.92 to 6.52 seconds – top 5 in circuit
•    Bench: 7 reps to 17 reps
•    Broad jump: 9 feet 1 to 10 feet

AKI: Aki attended the Washington Redskins practice squad as a defensive tackle. ATX’s Zone 5 and TEST Sports Clubs, Inc helped Aki reach his goal of making it into the NFL. On Sept, 22, 2005 Aki was activated to the 53 man roster for the Washington Redskins, and his Combine results were a big reason: 
•    40 yard dash: 5.43 to 5.01 seconds
•    10 yard dash: 1.92 to 1.68 seconds
•    Pro agility drill: 4.98 to 4.52 seconds
•    Bench: 13 reps to 22 reps
•    Vertical leap: 27.5 to 31 inches
•    Broad jump: 7.17 to 7.92 feet
•    Body fat: 22 to 15%

About ATX
ATX Athlete Nutrition Technology of Metuchen, NJ develops and markets superior “SuperMulti” nutritional supplements engineered for serious athletes in specific sports. ATX products are carried by many leading retailers including Ringside Boxing, Universal Supplements (UK), Bodybuilding.com, Jumpusa.com, and Brazilian Jiujitsu Champion Ricardo Almeida's Academy, or directly from the ATX web site, www.atxsport.com. 

About TEST Sports Clubs 
Founded by Brian Martin in 1992, TEST (Total Energy System Training) Sports Clubs is a privately-owned chain of sports clubs that specializes in sports performance and personal training programs. TEST is headquartered at 1982 Washington Valley Road, Martinsville, NJ. For more information, visit www.testsportsclubs.com, or call (732) 271-1000.
# # #


Boswellia Serata Extract: Relieve inflammation associated with joint pain; joint formula (Meletis, 2002, Page 73). Can cause stomach upset.

Calcium: Most abundant mineral in the body. 99% is found in bone. Plays an important role in muscle function.

Chondroitin Sulfate: Major protein constituent of cartilage, the tough, elastic connective tissue found in joints. Provides support and reinforcement. Has resilient cushioning properties.

Creatine Monohydrate: Increases performance in muscle strength and power; Augments short bursts of muscle endurance.

Devil's Claw Root: Relieve inflammation associated with joint pain; joint formula (Meletis, 2002, Page 73). Can cause stomach upset.

Folic Acid (Folate): B vitamin important in wound repair and cell growth.

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract: Hydroxycitrate (HCA) extracted from Garcina Cambogia increases muscle glycogen at rest.  Ishihara et al., J. Nutrition, 130:2990-2995, 2000.)

Ginkgo Biloba: Herb from the oldest surviving species of tree. Widely used to improve mental function and improve circulation in the legs.

Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium: An amino sugar thought to promote the formation and repair of cartilage

Glycine: Beneficial effect of arginine-plus-glycine enrichment for muscle repair (Minuskin et al., J Nutr. 1981 Jul;111(7):1265-74).

L-Arginine: Improve exercise capacity (Page 251, PDR for Nutritional Supplements, 2001). Precursor to compound (NO or nitric oxide) involved in causing blood vessels to dilate.

L-Carnitine: Amino acid that body uses to turn fat into energy. 

L-Tyrosine: Amino acid. Used as starting material in the manufacture of several neurotransmitters, chemicals that are required for proper function of nerve cells.

Magnesium: Essential mineral. Important for the function of muscle. Acts as co-factor for enzymes involved in the manufacture of ATP, the key energy-carrying molecule utilized by all cells.

Magnesium Stearate: Mineral involved in many important physiological procesess, including in energy utilization

N-Acetyl Cysteine: Modified amino acid. Used to improve respiratory function and blood supply to heart.

Omega-3 Fish Oil: Essential fatty acids. Many studies suggest that that fish oils lower triglyceride levels and raise HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

Phosphatidyl Serine: Improves mental function; Slows release of cortisol that leads to muscle breakdown.

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalmin): Required for the proper function of nerve cells. Deficiency can cause anemia and nerve damage.

Vitamin C: Essential nutrient. Helps the body manufacture collagen, a key component in connective tissue, cartilage, and tendons. Powerful anti-oxidant. 

Yucca Root: Relieve inflammation associated with joint pain; joint formula (Meletis, 2002, Page 73). Can cause stomach upset.


Every sport has different physiological consequences, depending on the muscles used, the type and quantity of physical activity performed, and an athlete’s training status.  For example, distinct muscles are engaged (e.g., fast- versus slow-twitch muscle), and differential affects are observed on blood and tissue oxygen levels, cardiac output, muscle glycogen stores, blood serum metabolites, and many other metabolic pathways.  After an athlete has completed a performance, the body’s physiological state will reflect the specific physical experience, e.g., depletion of high-energy compounds from the muscles utilized in the activity, local and systemic accumulation of metabolic by-products, and injuries and other stress-related events associated with the activity.  Our fundamental insight is that each sport possesses a characteristic physiological fingerprintTM that is specific for that sport, and substantially no other.  This fingerprint is a molecular and biochemical picture of an athlete’s physiological state. 

Our technology platform is a patent pending process of designing nutritional supplements that target the specific physiological needs associated with each sport.  Ingredients are selected to supplement the physiological pathways identified in the physiological fingerprint.  For instance, the ingredients can be used to enhance the pathways, or replenish them after the activity is performed.  In addition, ingredients can be selected to promote recovery and address injuries that are common in the sport.  The sum of the ingredients is a selective nutritional supplement that, when administered to an athlete, addresses the physiological concerns which are characteristic of the physical activity (e.g., football, martial arts, running).  We do this for every sport, as well as for the gender of the participating athlete.  We call our process Functional Physiomics because it utilizes an understanding of how an athlete’s physiology drives high performance physical function.

Identifying the Physiological Fingerprint™

A critical part of our development process is to identify the precise physiological fingerprintTM that characterizes each sport.  We do this by researching the medical literature, and consulting trainers and athletes to understand the specific problems and issues (we call it the “performance phenotype”) encountered during, and after, a physical performance.  Next, using the scientific literature and expertise of our nutritional development team, we establish a correspondence between the exercise phenotype and the underlying physiological activity.  This process is used to establish the physiological fingerprint that becomes the target and guidance for developing our nutritional formula.  We create formula to enhance performance (“Pre-workout”), and to facilitate repair and restore energy after a workout (“Recovery”).

Creating unique nutritional supplements

Using the unique the physiological fingerprint, our development team chooses nutritional ingredients that pinpoint the precise areas that require nutrition and repair.  We target specific functional pathways and systems, and design formula to precisely fit the qualitative and quantitative needs of an athlete engaged in a specific sport.  Since each sport has its unique fingerprint, each corresponding supplement will have its own special combination of nutritional ingredients that, together, provide superior quality and effective sport nutrition.  This is how we translate our scientific knowledge of the body’s physiology into highly effective nutritional supplements. 

In the “one size fits all” concept of our competitors, nutritional supplements are formulated on the incorrect belief that all sports are physiologically equivalent.  They aren’t.  Our approach is different.  We design supplements using scientific principles.  We use the physiological fingerprint to make our formula sport and participant selective.  We are so confident in the novelty and efficacy of our approach that we have filed patent applications on it.

We only use nutritional ingredients that are scientifically proven 

We recognize that, despite anecdotal evidence for the effectiveness of nutritional ingredients, many have not been scientifically tested in controlled clinical trials.  To ensure that all ingredients in our formula our effective, we carefully research the scientific literature for evidence of efficacy and value, and only use those that meet our stringent standards. 

Our formulas are unique in providing cofactors 

Once we have identified a physiological response, and an ingredient to supplement it, we look at the entire biochemical pathway to determine how to achieve the best effect.  For example, other supplement companies use the amino acid tyrosine to enhance the synthesis of norepinephrine, a chemical used in the so-called “fight-or-flight” response.  Increased availability of norepinephrine provides athletes with additional and sustained energy levels.  When we examined how the body utilizes tyrosine to produce norepinephrine, we found that certain cofactors (e.g., folate) were necessary for it function property.  In formulating our supplement, we not only provide tyrosine, but we also add the cofactors.  This means that all the tyrosine is used by the body in the most efficient way possible. 

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