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Did you know? The Wisconsin Badgers had been training intensely since then head coach Dick Bennett implemented Proprioceptors into their workout. Dick's son Tony, who played on the Orlando Magic, searched high and low for the best training methods and products to boost his team's abilities. He contacted Marv Marinovich, and found Marv was training not only with Jumpsoles, but with it's upgrade: Proprioceptors.  Marv had an advanced workout regimen never seen or done before and they began training. Jump to 4 months later: Wisconsin shocked the basketball world by winning and winning and reaching the Final Four.

How did the Proprioception training help?
The plyometric training combined with JumpUSA's world famous Proprioceptors strengthened the team's muscles and helped them in quickness, agility, and response time crucial to playing good defense. The Badgers' stingy defense held their last three opponents to their season's lowest points. It may have given the Badgers the quicker first step which helped them (overall #32 seed) shock the basketball world by making it to the Final Four.

This could be the secret formula for reaching the next level:
Even more increased vertical with Jumpsoles, More quickness by Proprioception, and by the way, throughout the season, none of the Badgers had any issue of hurt or sprained ankles. No doubt, because proprioception reinforces all ankle and knee muscles to keep athletes healthy and strong. Come down on an uneven surface after you've done Proprioception training... no problem. Jumpsoles Proprioceptors are the ultimate ankle insurance.

The Proprioceptor System

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