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The Balance Pod

For single foot Proprioceptor exercises - used for rehab or ankle strengthening. Flat side down for moderate, Pebble side down for more challenging.  Arrange in any position and jump, hop, or walk from one to another.
  • Great for rehab and strengthening
  • 6.5 inch diameter
  • 6 Balance Pods
    (Item # BPOD6)

    The Balance Disc

    The balance disc is an extremely versatile yet easy tool to use. The air in the disc shifts so your are constantly using your stabilizer and proprioceptive muscles. The surface is constantly changing and you are constantly adjusting and working all your balancing muscles.
  • Great for rehab and strengthening
  • Comes with exercise instructions
  • 14 inch diameter
    Balance Disc
    (Item # BDISC)
    2 Balance Discs - save $10
    (Item # BDISC2)

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