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The Wrist Roller
Chisel your forearms and strengthen your wrists, increasing your range!

The Bandit shooting machine gives your arm just the right amount of movement.

Too Much Movement          MONEY!                      Too Little Movement


Develops & Improves your Muscle Memory

The Bandit
Shooting Arm Machine

Now you can have the hhhHHHot Hand!!
You'll shoot better or your money back, Guaranteed!

Watch the Instructional Video Here

Revolutionary!  The Bandit Shooting Machine puts your arm in the proper firing position every time.  It can be worn on either arm to develop right-handed or left-handed shots.
  • Increase Your Shot Percentage
  • Perfect Practice makes Perfect Play!
  • Develop Devastating Three-Pointers
  • Velcro Straps make it Easy on, Easy off, Easy to Use!
  • Complete with video and training manual...the total package that gets you to actually experience the proper techniques!
  • Bandit Shooting Arm Machine
    (Item # BANDITA)
    Bandit Team Pack of 6
    (Item # BANDIT6PACK)
    Praised by coaches and players:
    "The Bandit will enable any basketball player to gain the proper form required to be a great shooter.  I fully endorse it."
    - Robert Robinson, high school and college basketball coach.

    "The results I received from the Bandit were truly unbelievable!  I shot over 95% from the field in a shooting practice during tryouts."
    - Jereme Durkin, Eureka, California

    The Active Shooter's System
    The Bandit + Wrist Roller

    A lot of your basketball shot is dependant upon wrist strength.  With stronger wrists and fingers, you can improve your fadeaways and gain more control of your shot from anywhere on the court!
    (Item # BANSHOT)

    The Deep Shooter's System
    Bandit + Wrist Roller + 3 lb. Heavy Basketball

    Ever wonder how NBA players make 3-pointers look easy?  A combination of arm strength and good form.  Train with the 3 lb. Heavy Ball and you'll be hitting shots from deep territory with smoothness and ease.
    (Item # BDEEPSHOT)

    The "A" Game
    Set of 2 Naypalms + 3 lb. Heavy Basketball + the Bandit Shooting Arm Machine + The Wrist Roller
    See Heavy Ball
                              PageThe BanditThe Wrist Roller
    The Ultimate in basketball training!  Get power handling with the Naypalms and Heavy Ball, and shoot with perfect form with the Bandit while strengthening your wrists and arms with the Wrist Roller (weights not included). 
    Bring out the "A" Game in you.
    (Item # THEAGAME)

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