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13 Videos which will elevate your game!

Rick Pitino's classic series on Offense and Defense

Better Basketball Videos and DVDs
Dribbling, Shooting, 1-on-1 Defense, Passing videos from the pros! 

Jay Hernandez
Pro Shooting Video
Unstoppable Moves & Combos that Create Scoring Opportunities!

The Star Shooter Program
Learn the correct way YOU need to shoot YOUR shot.
Tips on Accuracy
Make Every Free Throw!
Learn shooting accuracy by the free-throw world record holder!

Magic Johnson DVD
 Magic shows you how to improve passing, shooting, and ball handling by analyzing Pro moves and fundmentals.  Learn Kareem's hook, Amare's drop step, Carmelo's Jumper and more! 

Also Featuring: Rip Hamilton, Diane Taurasi, Kenny Smith


Steve Nash DVD
Learn first-hand from Steve the training secrets needed to become a complete basketball player.

Basketball Skills & Drills
is a comprehensive collection of
highly effective drills for your team!

Don't let the off-season catch you off guard, Train for basketball all year round!

"It" is the special inner drive that allows an athlete to thrive in competition.

Covering the situational decisions players and coaches make that often determine the outcome of games.
The Fundamental Set:
NBA Coach Rick Pitino drops knowledge in his excellent Offense and Defense videos, and combined with Jerry Krause's championship expertise on the fundamentals of the game, this set has what it takes to build a firm foundation in today's athletes. 
Rick Pitino - Jerry Krause 
Offense & Defense videos + Basketball Skills & Drills book
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