Basketball Weight Training

"that which is used develops, and that which is not used wastes away."
- Hippocrates

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Basketball Strength Training

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Power Hurdles
Adjustable height hurdles!


The Wrist Roller
Chisel your forearms and strengthen your grip!

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To play ball at a competitive level, you must be strong, powerful, flexible, and have good stamina and endurance.  You can improve in all of these qualities with a good basketball weight training program. Check out our various cool products that you can use for your weight lifting training program.

Time to step your game up!

The 3 lb. Heavy Basketball

The Heavy Basketball
+ Heavyball Training DVD/CD-Rom
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6 lb. Double Grip Handle Ball
(Item # MBDG6)

8 lb. Double Grip Handle Ball
(Item # MBDG8)

10 lb. Double Grip 
Handle Ball
(Item # MBDG10)

12 lb. Double Grip 
Handle Ball
(Item # MBDG12)

14 lb. Double Grip 
Handle Ball
(Item # MBDG14)

20 lb. Double Grip 
Handle Ball
(Item # MBDG20)
10 lb. Double Grip Handle Ball - 2 PACK
(Item # MBDG10PACK)
12 lb. Double Grip Handle Ball - 2 PACK
(Item # MBDG12PACK)
14 lb. Double Grip Handle Ball - 2 PACK
(Item # MBDG14PACK)
20 lb. Double Grip Handle Ball - 2 PACK
(Item # MBDG20PACK)

6 lb. Non Bounce

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Non Bounce
Medicine Balls

10 lb. Bouncing 
(Item # PLYBAL10B)

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Medicine Balls

2 lb. Single Grip
Handle Ball
(Item # MBSG2)  

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Single Grip 
Handle Balls

6 lb. Double Grip
Handle Ball
(Item # MBDG6)  

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Double Grip 
Handle Balls

Workout Tower
Pull-up and Chin-up bar, VKR, sit-up and push-up handles, includes chip and dip handles.

Dimensions: 56"LX40"WX86"H
Bench WT: 76 lbs
Cap: 350 lbs

Strongest & Best in the market - will support tall & heavy person 4" X 2" Sq. Steel Tube Construction
Removable Chinning Bar, Deluxe Padding, Compact, Sturdy MEGACHINUP

Size: 32" X 29" X 82.5"H - 160lbs.

Roman Chair / HyperExtension

Glute and Hamstring Machine

Super Calf and Squat Machine

Tibia Dorsi Calf Machine

Leg Press Machine

Seated Calf Machine

Customize Your Weight Bench
Standard bench where you can add Preacher Curl, Leg Extension, and other accessories.

The Power Bench
No spotter necessary!  The most heavy duty bench for pure performance.
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Folding Bench
The original Space Saving Bench; folds up for easy storage.  3 position incline, decline, leg extension.

Dimensions: 60"LX30"WX40"H
Bench WT: 55 lbs
Cap: + user 500 lbs, leg 100 lbs
Vibration Exercise Machine
Vibration Exercise Machine
The newest technique used by the Pros to get the most out of each workout! Most Vibration Exercise Machines go for around $10,000! 
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Portable Crunch Bench
Offers 2 position incline and foot placement, for users of various heights and advancements.

Dimensions: 37"LX16"WX22"H
Bench WT: 25 lbs
Cap: 300 lbs

Multi-Use Flat Exercise Bench
Great for curls, triceps, and other free weight dumbbell exercises.

Dimensions: 46"LX16"WX20"H
Bench WT: 25 lbs
Cap: d400 lbs


Executive Home Gym SM-T888
Get a great workout with the SM-T888 premium executive home gym. It features a 200 pound weight stack, high and low pulleys stations that allow you to do a variety of exercises, chest and shoulder press, leg extensions and much more.

Heavy gauge steel/Ultra-tech upholstery and padding
  • 30 exercise circuit training routine included. 
  • 200 lb. weight stack 
  • Heavy-duty 2" x 3" main frame 
  • High density foam padding 
  • Powder-coated for durability 
  • High, mid and low pulley systems 
  • Includes attachments: 
    • 46" Lat Pull Bar 
    • 20" Straight Bar 
    • Ankle Strap 
    • Ab Strap 
  • Specifications:
    • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
    • Multi-Station Design 
    • Assembly Required 
    • Dimensions: 62"L x 41"W x 84"H 
    • Shipping Weight 430 lb. 

Wall Gym 2000
A quality fitness / rehab system that is easy to install, easy to use, is professional high quality and extremely versatile. The Lifeline Wall Gym 2000 can be used for clinical or home rehab or fitness training.

Wall Gym 4000
Our professional level fitness / rehab system is easy to install, easy to use, is professional high quality and extremely versatile. The Lifeline Wall Gym 4000 can be used for clinical or home rehab or fitness training.

Basketball Weight Training

Who doesn’t like to shoot? Recent studies have revealed that strength training in basketball is vital to improving shooting performance. The first strength-training exercise is the overhead press. After that, do the “Quick” Dumbbell Forward Raise. Now use a 3kg or 4kg medicine ball to do shooting motion. Finally, pull out your basketball and shoot.

Weight training can be the most efficient method for increasing the strength and size of the skeletal muscles. In one common training technique, the method entails lifting increasing amounts of weight, and uses an assortment of exercises and types of equipment to target particular muscle groups. Stronger muscles improve performance in basketball and a variety of other sports.

Endurance conditioning gives you the chance to advance as an athlete and basketball player. Basketball calls for recurring short, high-intensity efforts that use the anaerobic systems much more than they do the aerobic system used for long-duration, low intensity efforts like a marathon. The ability to recover rapidly is vital for a basketball player. Well-conditioned athletes recover more quickly and are able to maintain their high-intensity efforts longer.

<>Strength and fitness training is regarded as one of the main responsibilities that all college basketball coaches must carefully plan and carry out.
A respectable level of strength is necessary for the demands of rebounding, jumping, shooting and playing defense.

Weight lifting and using resistance machines has become increasingly universal for many athletes. Data is showing that enhanced muscle strength decreases the danger of injury, and it permits athletes to develop more power. Resistance training will boost your oxygen capacity, assist in decreasing your body fat, strengthen your muscles and maybe make them larger, enhance the density and strength of your bones, and improve your cardiovascular health.

General guidelines for strength training:
• Always talk to your coach before you start a weight training program
• Be consistent
• Make sure that you’re eating healthy, and that your diet is consistent
• If anything appears too easy for you, turn it up a notch
• Confirm that your form is excellent on each lift
• Always make sure that there is someone else around to supervise or spot you whenever you lift weights
• Make sure that you’re properly warmed up
• Stay hydrated

Strength training is a great way to develop suppleness, endurance and physical and mental strength. Start out slowly. It’s easy to strain or damage your bones and joints if you start lifting too much too fast. Talk to your doctor or coach if something doesn’t feel right or if you hurt yourself. You may have to change your weight training routine or take a break.

- I'll Pump You

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