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Bauerfeind is one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical aids with 75 years of experience. With its Medical Line Bauerfeind offers doctors and medical retailers sophisticated concepts for the individual treatment of conditions affecting all parts of the body. The merged companies operating under the name of Bauerfeind AG are renowned specialists in the areas of Phlebology, Orthopedics, Foot Orthopedics and Prosthetics.

Bauerfeind Orthopedics is the market leader that sets the standard in therapeutic supports and orthoses for the locomotor system. The products (e.g. GenuTrain) are used for the treatment of injuries, degenerative changes and after surgery – for rapid recovery and mobilization.

Bauerfeind Phlebology is the innovative manufacturer of medical compression stockings and hosiery marketed under the brand name Venotrain, for the systematic treatment of mild to very severe venous disorders and lymphedema.

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Bauerfeind Award

<>Successful Knitting
New Train® line from Bauerfeind presented with the iF material award 2007, 02/07/2007

The new Train® line from Bauerfeind received double recognition recently. In addition to the iF product design award 2007 the Train supports received the iF material award 2007 in the Product category. The award underscores the high degree of innovation of Bauerfeind’s materials.

The iF material award is given by the iF International Forum Design and assesses the presented products, materials, concepts and techniques based on criteria such as innovation, creativity and developmental potential. In the Product category, products from all branches of industry are included that innovatively incorporate new or known materials and material properties.

The knit plays a very important role in the production of the supports. Bauerfeind uses a modern 3D flat knit technique. With this technique, unlimited threads can be worked in or left out at any point. This allows the support to fit the anatomical conditions exactly. The 3D knit supports thereby offer a differentiated therapeutic knitted compression. Unwanted pressure points can be avoided. The high elasticity of the knit makes it easier to apply and wear the support, as well as providing improved breathability and wearing comfort.

Bauerfeind Innovations Centrum
Bauerfeind's Innovation Center in the East Thuringen City of Zeulenroda, Germany.
The central think tank for developing and enhancing products and technological applications.

"Ideas bring success"
– this corporate motto has always embodied the spirit of Bauerfeind's business. Our long-term agenda is coming up with ground-breaking care articles with enhanced functioning and greater therapeutic effectiveness than conventional products.

That's what Bauerfeind's Innovation Center is all about.
Our team of technical specialists works together with physicians, universities, clinics and research institutes to develop existing products and come up with new ideas. Our many patents document the excellent results of our technology pool.

Working together with physicians and clinics
We can only come up with products that make sense for therapy if we have a longstanding relationship of trust and close co-operation with physicians, orthopedic technicians and patients to make sure they use our products with confidence.

Working together with the medical advisory council, universities and institutes
Bauerfeind's Innovation Center has signed up the most reputable specialists in every field for the new products it develops. Each and every one is a university professor and/or clinic director so they all contribute state-of-the-art knowledge to product development from their everyday work. However, our medical advisory council not only guides these new products in the development and testing phase. These reputable scientists also concentrate on continued product enhancement. And regular contact to a variety of research institutes at German universities promotes up-and-coming scholars while developing new and trail-blazing ideas.

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