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Bauerfeind CaligaLoc Stabilizing Ankle Brace

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Bauerfeind CaligaLoc Stabilizing Ankle Brace

The Bauerfeind CaligaLoc is a quick and easy way to stabilize the entire ankle giving both medial and lateral support. CaligaLoc provides excellent ankle stabilization by reducing the outward rolling of the ankle and preventing abnormal loads in the upper ankle. This brace can be worn around the clock, as a support splint in normal shoes during the day and as a positioning splint without shoes at night. Unlike stirrup supports, CaligaLoc stabilizes the ankle even when you are not wearing a shoe.


    * Stabilizes the ankle by counteracting supination
    * Prevents abnormal loads in the upper, and to a certain extent, lower ankle
    * Anatomically contoured, thin, lightweight design ensures maximum comfort and convenience
    * Heat moldable and can be reshaped if necessary for a individual customized fit
    * Slightly pronating raised heel section (toward the outside) takes the strain off the lateral malleolar ligaments (outer ankle ligaments)
    * Four adjustable Velcro straps provide easy application and proper fit
    * Latex-free construction eliminates skin irritation
    * Easy to clean with soap and warm water

Can be used to treat:

    * Conservative treatment of torn ankle ligaments
    * Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease (CMT)
    * Ankle stabilization
    * Chronic ankle instability
    * Drop Foot
    * Post-operative protection after ligament suturing/reconstruction
    * Post-Achilles Rupture
    * Night splint for Plantar Fascitis

Bauerfeind CaligaLoc Stabilizing Ankle Brace

Price:   US $199.95

Sold in singles, fits either L or R

Sizing based on Shoe Size, must choose Left or Right Foot

Size Shoe Size (Men) Shoe Size (Women)
1 6 and below 31/2 - 7
2 61/2 - 91/2 71/2 - 101/2
3 10 - 141/2 11 - 15

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