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Bauerfeind LumboTrain® Back Support

Stabilize and Relax the Lower Back
Knitted lumbar support incorporating an adjustable, anatomically contoured silicone insert stabilizes and relaxes the lower back muscles.Silicone insert with raised nodules provides intermittent compression to the soft tissue, leading to increased circulation, and allowing for unicompartmental movement. Intermittent compression stimulates muscle activity which most lower back supports do not achieve. Promotes proprioception, thus heightening sensory awareness in the lower back for increased stabilization and thereby less back pain. Anatomical knit carries controlled compression graduated at the edges to prevent rolling of the support. Velcro® fastenings and hand straps allow for easy application and adjustment, even for people with arthritis
.Lightweight, breathable knit will not retain heat and is completely machine washable.

Can be used to help or prevent:
# Mechanical low back pain
# Degenerative joint disease (arthritis)
# Lumbar syndrome (muscular imbalance)
# Chronic postural disorders
# Bone formation disorders
# Degenerative disc disease
# Minor instability of the lumbosacral spine
# Muscle strains
# Sacroiliac dysfunction

Bauerfeind LumboTrain® Back Support

Price:   US $174.95

Size    Circumference in inches
271/2 - 311/2
311/2 - 351/2
351/2 - 391/4
391/4 - 431/4
431/4 - 471/4
471/4 - 511/4

Size is determined by loosely
measuring the circumference
below the waist    

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