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Bauerfeind ViscoSpot® Heel Spur Cushions

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Bauerfeind ViscoSpot® Heel Spur Cushions

Price:   Unilateral $39.95
Bilateral $42.95

Comes in Pairs - Bilateral or Unilateral -- see sizing below

Viscospot Lateral

SIZE        US Shoe Size

1        Mens 5 - 6 1/2 Womens 3 - 8
2        Mens 7+ Womens 8 1/2+

 Bauerfeind's most popular product, ViscoSpot heel cushions are clinically proven 95% effective for the initial treatment of heel pain (plantar fasciitis).
Once you experience the relief offered by ViscoSpot you will want a pair for all your shoes! ViscoSpot's are non-compressible, viscoelastic silicone heel cushions that have a softer blue "spot" correctly placed for additional cushioning where heel pain originates. Made of high quality, medical grade silicone, ViscoSpot's provide superior comfort and long lasting effectiveness.

  • Slight Medial posting redirect pressure away from the painful area.
  • 1/2 inch lift takes tension off the plantar fascia to relieve pain
  • Superior shock absorbing qualities reduce shock to the joints and vertebral column
  • Does not absorb odors or exude oil like some heel cushions
  • Easy to clean with soap and warm water
  • Available in pairs to prevent leg length discrepancies.
  • Can be switched from one pair of shoes to another
  • ViscoSpot's do not contain latex and do not absorb odors
ViscoSpot Bilateral is available with the softer blue spot in both heel cushions.ViscoSpot Unilateral is available with the softer blue spot in either the leftor right heel cushions. The opposite heel cushion does not have a softer spot. ViscoSpot is supplied in pairs.

  • Plantar fascitis - A partial or complete tear in the fascia (fibrous connective tissue) of the bottom of the foot. It is characterized by pain just under the heel bone.
  • Back pain
  • Heel Spurs - A hard bony shelf as wide as the width of the heelbone caused by repeated pulling away of the periosteum from the heelbone
A recent study conducted by Foot and Ankle Surgeons proved that wearing ViscoSpot heel cushions combined with stretching is the most effective method for relieving plantar fasciitis pain (heel pain), with a 95% success rate! ViscoSpot also worked better than all Over-The-Counter heel cushions tested and was rated more effective than expensive custom orthotics costing $300-$400.
  • Clinically proven 95% effective for relieving plantar facitis pain (heel pain)
  • Shock absorbing material also relieves general foot, knee and back pain
  • Comfortable, medical-grade silicone doesn't change shape or compress
  • Blue silicone is 2 1/2 times softer than the clear silicone and accurately positioned for maximum cushioning at the most sensitive area
  • Wedged to redirect pressure away from painful area
  • 1/2" lift takes tension off Achiles tendon and plantar fascia
  • Tapered under mid-foot for comfortable fit
  • Easy to clean with soap and warm water, doesn't absorb odors, and doesn't exude oil like some silicone heel cushions.
  • Durable for long-lasting wear

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