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Bauerfeind Zeuba® Ankle Support

Gray with sporty blue and orange accents

Can be used for:
  • Ankle Sprain
  • Ankle Strain
  • Ankle Instability
  • Ankle pain / swelling

The most commonly injured joint, the ankle withstands extreme compressive, tensile and gravitational forces.
Zeuba Ankle Support stabilizes the ankle and reduces strain to maximize performance.

Product Features:
  • Reinforces the ankle and reduces strain
  • <>High quality support provides superior comfort and long lasting effectiveness
  • Enhances jumping force and thrust
  • <>Highly elastic knit allows skin to breathe and equalizes temperature
  • Compression increases circulation and energizes muscles
  • <>Reinforcing figure-8 elastic strap provides extra stabilization and a firm footing
  • Boosts self-confidence by increasing proprioception
  • Activates muscles and ligaments for quicker response
  • Anatomically knit for a comfortable fit
  • Fits easily in any shoe
  • Machine wash and dry (do not use Woolite)
Bauerfeind Zeuba® Ankle Support

Price:   US $49.95

sold in singles, fits only L or R

Size - Loose Circumference  of Ankle                                       
S        less than 8 5/8"               

M       8 5/8" - 10 1/4"                

L        more than 10 1/4"            

The Zeuba vital ankle support actually enhances performance levels through intermittent massage that promotes circulation and activates muscles, so you're ready to compete! The figure-8 elastic strap in the Ankle support provides for extra stabilization and a firm footing. The Zeuba not only feels great on sore ankle joints, but also enables you to recover more quickly and perform better than you ever thought possible! Specifically-sized to your anatomy to ensure effectiveness.

Developed at Bauerfeind's medical research labs in Europe, the Zeuba line of Vital Supports were formerly available only to athletes on Europe's highest level National Teams. Now, you can enjoy the same benefits as these elite athletes, who wear them in competition — even when no injury has occurred! Horizontal and vertical stretch permits unrestricted movement and supreme comfort. Anatomically knit to contour to your body, so Zeuba won't chafe. Lightweight, breathable material won't build up heat, while a soft terrycloth lining absorbs sweat.

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