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Bauerfeind Zeuba® Vital Knee Support

Available Color:
Gray with sporty blue and orange accents

Thanks to strategically placed, viscoelastic inserts in the Zeuba Knee support, performance levels are actually enhanced through intermittent massage that promotes circulation and activates muscles, so you’re ready to compete! This power packed sports Knee support contains a softly contoured ring that keeps pressure off the patella (knee cap), while offering gentle compression on the soft surrounding tissue to reduce swelling and edema. The Turbo-Pad then wraps above the knee to enhance rate of muscular contraction. So Zeuba not only feels great on a sore knee joint, they enable you to recover more quickly, and perform better than you ever thought possible! Specifically-sized to your anatomy to ensure effectiveness.

The knee is the body's largest and most complicated joint. Repetitive or inappropriate stresses caused by sports or work often lead to excessive strain. Zeuba Knee Support reinforces the knee joint and activates muscles for optimal strength and coordination.

Product Features:
  • Stabilizes the knee joint
  • Highly elastic knit allows skin to breathe and equalizes temperature
  • Compression increases circulation and activates muscles
  • Adjustable Turbo-Strap above the kneecap exerts defined pressure on the thigh to improve coordination when running and jumping
  • High-tech massage ring surrounds the kneecap to activate muscles and ensure effective positioning
  • Increases strength and directional accuracy
  • Optimizes freedom of movement
  • Enhances rate of muscle contraction
  • Machine wash and dry

Can be used to treat:
Knee sprain, Knee strain, Knee instability, Knee pain and/or swelling.

Bauerfeind Zeuba Knee Support

Price:   US $69.95

sold in singles, can be put on either knee

This knee support is sized by measuring around the knee center. See the chart below to compare your knees loose circumference (in inches), to the sizes listed to properly determine which Zeuba Vital Knee Support would fit you.

Size      Measure Circumference
           Loosely Around Knee in inches

S           less than 13 3/4"
13 3/4" - 15 3/4"
15 3/4" - 17 3/4"
more than 17 3/4"

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