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"...I see The Bear as the king of the lower body exercise and the finest tool for squatting on the market today."

Mike Woicik, Strength Coach, New England Patriots

The Bear

The Bear - Explosive Squat Machine

The Bear

For the past 20 years the Bear has become an established part of many professional, university and high school training programs throughout the U.S. It has proven to be the most effective tool ever designed for developing maximum power in the vertical jump for explosive performance in the athlete.

The Bear is used to condition athletes in every major sport and delivers a variety of results:

  • Maximizes vertical jump
  • Develops the power potential
  • Athletes experience astounding drops in 40 times
  • Increases quickness and muscular endurance
  • Eliminates safety concerns created by bar squats
The Bear Squats

Dimensions: 29 X 62 X 72

The Bear

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 Customize Your Bear Color for Teams, Gym, or Home

You don't have to settle for black or gray weight training machines with the Bear. Select from the color swatches below and your fitness equipment can match your team, school, gym or home fitness colors.

Machine Color  Swatches

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Former NFL Player Ranks Powernetics Weight Training Machines

"We have worked with Gary Fuller from Powernetics for the last five years and really appreciate their professionalism in business. Without question their machines are second to none. My favorite being The Bear machine. We have had more athletes increase their vertical jump doing this machine more than any other we have ever used. If you want to take your athletic skill to another level then use Powernetics equipment."

Don Beebe, CEO, House of Speed LLC; Nine Year Green Bay Packer, Super Bowl Champion

NE Patriots Strength Coach Rates Powernetics Bear #1

"I believe the squat to be the single most important exercise that can be done in the weight room. For years I believed that Bar Squats was the best method for the squat exercise. But, after one year of using The Bear and seeing its performance in the weight room that has all changed.

"I see The Bear as the king of the lower body exercise and the finest tool for squatting, on the market today."

Mike Woicik, New England Patriots Strength Coach

The Bear Training Workout Can Not Be Duplicated

“I have been training athletes on this equipment for the past 10 years and find it hard to get this type of workout using conventional training equipment. By using the Bear I find it difficult to duplicate this type of workout anywhere else.”

Can there be any doubt that strength training has changed over the last 20 years. Coaches have been trying to find so many different ways to train their athletes to become bigger, faster and stronger.

The Bear has provided the strength and conditioning field with state of the art equipment. Their explosive technology has provided strength coaches to take their athletes to another level of training. With the increase popularity of speed being a major issue, Powernetics equipment lets you enhance those components.

The Bear Squat machine is a favorite in our weight room. The Bear Squat provides our athletes with proper back alignment and mechanics while performing the squat. This machine gives the athlete the ability to load the hips and glutes through a safe range of movement. With this safe effective movement the athlete has the advantage to do a slow control lift or can be challenged by big explosive movements through the same range. Since the Bear Squat is a plate-loaded machine this allows for the addition and subtraction of small increments of weight.

This technology lets you go through many athletes during a training session. Here at the Texas Sports Medicine Center we train numerous athletes from high school, collegiate and professional levels. Dennis Fay, a certified strength and conditioning coach uses a variety of Powernetics equipment for the Sports Advantage program in training athletes.

Dennis J. Fay, C.S.C.S. Coordinator of Strength & Conditioning, Texas Sports Medicine Center

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