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The Bench Warmer

The New High-Tech Outdoor Sports Heated Seat Cushion!

The Bench Warmer is powered with a rechargeable battery 
and heats up to 110 degrees!

The Bench Warmer was created and designed for the outdoor / sports / recreation enthusiasts who wants year-round comfort and warmth. Now you can have it all. Our state of the art technology brings you The Bench Warmer!

We have engineered a product unlike anything on the market. Our heated seats / chair cushions are completely self-contained (no need for microwaves or disposable packs) and can be used over and over, again and again. Our heated seats / chair cushion is portable, lightweight, water resistant and rechargeable. If you have enjoyed the heated seats in your automobile, then you are going to love “The Bench Warmer.” 

The Bench Warmer Cushion Versatility 

Use your heated seats / chair cushions for: 

  • Football Games 
  • Baseball Games 
  • Camping 
  • Snowmobiles 
  • Youth Soccer 
  • Little League 
  • Flying 
  • Automobiles 
  • Boating 
  • Hunting 
  • Fishing 
  • Wheelchairs 
The Bench Warmer
Price:  U.S. $69.95

New high-tech materials have allowed us to bring you a new experience in outdoor /sports comfort. The Bench Warmer is a completely self-contained heated seat cushion. The rechargeable battery pack is sewn into the cushion. Your NEVER have to buy or replace the batteries. The Bench Warmer will provide you with up to 115 degrees of continuous heating comfort, for 5 to 7 hours. Then simply recharge the batteries with the charging unit that comes with your heated seat, and you are ready to go again the next day.

We have used only premium products in the construction of The Bench Warmer. Rugged water resistant shell (1000 denier), and top of the line foam for years of lasting comfort. Additionally, The Bench Warmer only weighs 3 pounds! The dimensions are perfect for all new stadium seating. This heated seat cushion will not slip down between the seat and the floor when you get up.

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Customize your Bench Warmers with your own custom printed logos.  Setup fee is $40 plus $5 per seat - up to two colors.  Additional Colors will be $5 each.  Email sales@jumpusa.com for more info.

Additionally, College Team Logos will be available this season!

Rave Reviews

The Bench Warmer has debuted to wonderful reviews in both the printed press and television. Best of all, our customers are wondering where we have been all their lives. Here is just some of the feedback we have received.

The Bench Warmer has received the prestegious Crystal Apple Award for best new product in show and has recently been selected for the gift bag at the American Music Awards. 

Crystal Apple Award Winner 2004
Best New Product in Show, New York City Incentive Show 

"Holiday Show with a red-hot idea"; "Nifty new bum warmer"
Tacoma News Tribune, October 25, 2003 

"This hot seat is really cool"; "Almost warm enough to cook off it."
Fox Morning News Show, Salt Lake City, November 7, 2003 

Customer feedback 

"Where have you been for the past 8 years? Do you know how often I could have used this hot seat? It is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much."
Brenda C., Salt Lake City 

"I am really excited about my new hot seat. It will be great for the Bronco games."
Lisa R. Denver 

"I was not sure about it until I tried it. Now I think it is wonderful. I will use it at all of my grandson's football games and on cold nights at the baseball games."
Margie W., Los Angeles 

"I bought my heat cushion for our sailboat. I will use it year-round! Thank you so much for a great idea."
Mark H., Seattle 

"Never thought I would find something so unique for my ice fishing. Wow!"
Larry R., Salt Lake City 

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