How to Elevate Above the Rim

Are you stuck on the ground and frustrated at not being able to jump higher than your age? Want to learn how to elevate beyond the rim?

Then you must do two things: 1) Build up a solid base of leg muscle 2) Train your neural circuitry to fire more explosively

Leg muscles are built up with exercises such as squats, lunges, and toe raises. It’s like adding kegs of dynamite. Neural circuitry becomes more explosive by doing plyometric exercises such as bounding, and box jumps. Plyometrics is like lighting the fuse.

Like dynamite with a fuse, Check out this guide on the perfect exercise that is known as “The Slam Dunk Secret Jumping Trick”… It’s an exercise that works like magic and often adds up to 5 inches of extra vert…immediately after your first workout!

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