How to Consistently Shoot Well in Basketball

Watching Steph Curry shoot a basketball is like watching musicians perform in the New York Philharmonic—it’s an art and a thing of beauty. However, long before Steph Curry became a high NBA draft pick and the musicians joined our country’s most famous orchestra, they spent countless hours perfecting their craft.

When you watch Steph Curry or another NBA sharpshooter take jumpers, it looks so easy and effortless that you’re tricked into think it’s easy to consistently make buckets with your “J’’. Then you get into the gym, and realize it’s not so easy.

That said, if you’re willing to put in the work, learn the right mechanics, practice the same shooting drills time and time again and utilize different tools that could help improve your shot, you too could become a “sharpshooter” that shoots for a high percentage.

Go to an elementary school, high school or even a college basketball practice, and you’re likely to hear coaches shouting the word “BEEF” at their players. No, coaches aren’t talking about the beef you’d eat while enjoying a hamburger or a steak, but instead are conveying to players of a catchy acronym that reminds them of four important facets of quality shooting mechanics, as outlined below:

E-Eyes at the rim
E-Elbow straight
F-Follow through

Being balanced, having your eye set on the target (the rim), having your elbow straight and beneath the ball and following through after the release are pre-requisites to consistently hitting your shot. The next time you go to shoot around, remember to utilize “BEEF” and put yourself in position for success.

Of course, the most important part of consistently shooting well is using proper form, and saving that form to muscle memory. However, there are also several tools that could help you become a better shooter, including a Shooting Glove Aid or a Shooting Strap Basketball Aid, available at JumpUSA.

Don’t be afraid to seek to improve your shooting; to get to Steph Curry’s level, you’ll need all the help you can get!