The 5 Best Slam Dunk Jumping Workouts for Increasing Vertical Leap

If you are interested in increasing vertical jump for any sport requiring you have this type of power there are five great vertical training exercises that will get you well on your way. Doing these exercises regularly could be the key to getting the height you need to slam dunk a basketball or to crunch a volleyball spike.

1. Squats

One of the most important jumping workouts is the squat. Doing a quality set of squats on a regular basis will help build significant power in your legs to manage a high vertical jump. These should be done by placing your feet firmly on the ground evenly spaced apart with the toes pointed slightly out to hold the balance. Bring your body down to a seated position with arms held out in front and the back up.

2. Lunges

One of the next most ways to increase vertical jump is the lunge. With your body straight you should look ahead and keep your gaze straight on. Take one leg and step forward; lower your hips so that your knees are both bent creating a 90 degree angle. It is essential that your front knee stays above your ankle and isn’t out too far to keep from causing injury. Return to original position and repeat with other leg.

3. One Leg Squats (aka Pistols)

Another of the important jump training exercises is the one leg squats. Similar to the standard squat, you would start this by standing with your feet comfortably apart directly below your shoulders with one foot slightly pointed out. Bring your body down to a squat with one leg kicked in front of you and both arms extended forward for balance. Bring yourself back up to standing and alternate to the other leg.

4. Deadlifts

You want your jump training workout to be safe. It is important to have the right technique when doing deadlifts to avoid back injury. Start with one barbell or two small barbells on the ground. Squat to pick them up with feet a comfortable distance apart and toes pointed slightly outward. Pick up the weights while bringing your body to a standing position with the barbell or barbells in front of you. Take your body to a squat with proper posture bringing the barbells down to the floor again. Repeat these steps.

5 Plyometrics

A family of explosive exercises to improve vertical, Plyometrics is an exercise plan that includes such things as jumping exercises over and around cones. Some of these are done with medicine balls and weights to teach agility while jumping. These are combined with the strengthening exercises.

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