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Plyoball page

Different styles of Medicine Balls

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NonBouncing Ball

NonBouncing Plyoball medicine balls are great in pass/catch situations, because they have a textured grip, they are less apt to slip, and are soft on the fingers. Although called NonBounce, they are actually semi-bounceable. Thus they can be used solo against a wall. You just stand a little closer - 3 ft as opposed to 10+ feet away. The feeling is more of smacking the ball against the wall really hard, as opposed to a more gentle lob necessary with a bouncing ball. In such uses, many people feel that more explosive energy is recruited with a nonbounce ball. Of course, in non-tossing exercises such as giant circles or russian twists it doesn't matter what kind of ball you use. Non bounce Plyoballs are filled with a dry sand/air mixture. Softness can be adjusted by adding air or letting it out. These features make NonBounce Plyoballs the favorite choice of experienced users.

Bouncing Ball

Bouncing balls are used in bounce pass/catch exercises with a partner or against a wall solo. Some tennis teachers like to play actual points on court with bouncing balls. Bouncing balls bounce because they are constructed of several inches-thick rubber. As a result, they have a hard feel. You have to exercise a some caution in pass/catch drills because you can injure your fingers or even break your nose if a ball thrown toward your face slips through your hands. Bouncing balls do not need to be inflated.

Single Grip Handle Ball

Single Grip Handle Balls are great for balancing exercises. They can also be used with your foot for various exercises, such as ProBodX exercises. These are filled with sand for a soft, cushiony feel.

Double Grip Handle Ball

Double Grip Handle Balls are great for Core Strengthening exercises.  You can work your abs, back, torso, even your shoulders, grip, and forearms. Ideal for rotational drills, crunches, curls.  They are extremely durable for throwing and swinging drills.


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