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The All New 4-in-1 Chin Up Bar Doorway Gym
The Most Diverse Chin-up Bar you've ever seen!


Elastic Resistance

Chin Up Bars


Six door mounts (not just two ) creates three fitness situations instead of just one.

Chin-Ups: Build a powerful back and biceps

Body Rows: Works back, biceps, and grip strength

Handstand Press: Develop shoulders and triceps

Dips: Trains chest, shoulders, and triceps

Push-Ups: Improve musculature of chest and arms

Torso Rotations: Tightens arms, abs, and back

6 Adjustable Brackets:  Allow for high, medium, or low bar positions in seconds
  • One adjustable 36" steel bar 
  • 60 day body transformation program by fitness expert Jon Hinds, CSCS, CPT, NASM, former strength coach of the LA Clippers 
  • Comes with Elastic Cable to attach and do Torso Rotations
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The 4-in-1 Chin-Up Bar Doorway Gym
$49.95 US$39.95

Hanging Leg Raises are becoming one of the most popular abdominal exercises. The Hanging Abs lets you target your entire abdominal region including the difficult to hit lower abs.

3" wide padded straps easily tie onto any secure overhead bar.

Hanging Abs


The Doorway Set
Chin-Up Bar Doorway Gym + Hanging Abs
Save $10
$79.90 US$69.95


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