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Mastering the Football Combine Tests

The DVD that scouts don't want you to see!

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IT'S HERE! The highly anticipated DVDeo, "Mastering the Football Combine Tests" by Joe DeFranco, has arrived! This controversial and information-packed DVD is guaranteed to take your football Combine training to a new level.
Who is Joe DeFranco?
Joe is one of the country’s most highly sought after performance enhancement specialists. This is due to his reputation throughout the country for producing extraordinary results with his athletes. These results have not come by accident. 

Over the past 2 years alone…

  • 31 of Joe’s athletes have been drafted to the NFL
  • Joe’s training techniques have been featured on HBO’s Inside the NFL, MSG, CNNSI and various local news channels
  • Joe has personally trained NFL football players from 22 different teams
  • Joe has been a training consultant to the New York Giants
  • Joe has co-authored 2 best-selling books on training athletes
  • Joe has lectured nationally on the topic of “Strength and flexibility 
  • training for enhanced sprinting speed” 
  • Joe has trained over 500 high school athletes from all sports and skill levels

This is truly the DVD that college and professional football scouts don't want you to see. Nationally renowned Combine expert, Joe DeFranco, dissects every single aspect of the football Combine tests in this much-anticipated DVD. No stone is left unturned as Joe reveals his training tips and technique secrets to all of the football Combine tests. 

NEW to DVD! Bonus section of a sample training week.

In this DVD you will learn Joe's techniques to the:
  • 40-yard dash 
  • Vertical jump 
  • 20-yard shuttle 
  • 3-cone drill 
  • Bench press test 
  • Broad jump 

Mastering the Football Combine Tests
(Item # COMBINE)
Price:  U.S. $39.95

Now in DVD format (only)!

This DVD is a must-see for:
  • High school football players training for high school football combines 
  • College football players training for Arena and Professional football combines 
  • Coaches training high school, college or pro football players for combines 

Over the past 3 years, Joe has helped produce two 1st round draft picks, five 2nd round draft picks, seven 3rd round draft picks, over 40 pro football draftees and the all-time Combine record holders in the 20-yard shuttle, 3-Cone drill & 60-yard shuttle.  From his experience, Joe has perfected the ultimate Combine preparation program.  Now you can see for yourself!

N.Y. Giants linebacker Dhani Jones getting ready to perform his 8th set of dynamic box squats with chains. He routinely completes 3 reps in under 2.9-seconds with this weight (365 lbs.). Now that’s explosive power! 

Joe DeFranco practicing what he preaches by completing 22 reps with 105lb. dumbbells on the stability ball bench press.

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