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If you are a serious athlete, one of your greatest concerns should be E.I.C. (exercise induced catabolism). Whenever you train hard, your body secretes cortisol. Cortisol has many functions but the majority of them work against you. 

Evil Cortisol
Cortisol lowers immune response, making it easier to get sick. It also breaks down muscle tissue. When cortisol levels get too high, you get weaker, sick or over-trained. Sometimes even all three!!! The one good thing that cortisol does is help your body control inflammation. In fact, high cortisol levels actually make you feel good. But don't be deceived, that same cortisol is eroding your progress minute by minute.

A Solution
Cortistat-PS, is designed to prevent excess cortisol secretion while helping to keep your joints and muscles from getting too sore. The active ingredient, phosphatidylserine, has been shown in laboratory studies to significantly blunt the body's secretion of cortisol in response to intense exercise. 

Still another study found that athletes taking PS recovered faster, got stronger and stayed healthier than controls. If you are serious about your sport, discover how much better you can be if you keep your cortisol levels under control.


Cortistat-PS 64 capsules 
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