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Dr. Donald A. Chu Ph.D.
inventor of the Plyoball


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Biography and Career Highlights

Donald A. Chu Ph.D., 


    Dr. Donald Chu is the Director of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Ohlone College in Newark, California. He holds the rank of Professor at this institution. He also serves as the clinic manager of the NovaCare Physical Therapy Center in Castro Valley, California. Dr. Chu has his Professor Emeritus at California State University, Hayward where he taught sports medicine in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education. 

    Dr. Chu holds certifications from both the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Certified Strength Specialist and a Personal Trainer. He has served on the Board of Directors of both the NATA and the NSCA. He is a Past-President of the NSCA and currently serves as the Chairman of the Certification Commission of the NSCA. 

    Dr. Chu has worked with professional and elite athletes in many different sports. He is currently responsible for the strength training of the U.S. Olympic Synchronized Swim Team for the 2000 games. 

    Dr. Chu has been involved with the Synchronized Swim Team since 1993. He
trained the 1996 Gold Medal Team in Atlanta and has trained the 7-time National Champions, Santa Clara Aquamaids since 1993. He has worked with teams in the Pan American Games, Fina World Cup and Goodwill Games. 

    He has worked with athletes in other sports at various times in their developmental stages including Lindsey Davenport, Todd Martin of Professional Tennis. He has helped many Track and Field athletes such as Women's High Jump, former World Record Holder, Pan Am Champion and member of the 1988 Olympic Team, Colleen Sommers, Laura DeSnoo and Mike Milkey, finalist in the women and men's discus finals at the 1996 Olympic Trials. Dr. Chu was responsible for the production of 17 National NCAA Div. II Champions and 42 All-Americans in the jumping events of track and field. 

    Originally known for his abilities in the field of sports rehabilitation, Dr. Chu
has developed an extensive reputation in the areas of fitness and conditioning.  His interest in human performance has occupied much of his time and efforts.  He has been credited with bringing "Plyometric Training" to the attention of the athletic world through his demonstrations of applying practical demonstrations from theoretical knowledge. He has published six books, including "Jumping into Plyometrics" (now in its 2nd edition), articles in preferred journals and contributed chapters in many other books. His lectures on this and other topics in Sports Medicine have been heard throughout virtually every state and many foreign countries over the past decade. 

    He has held several positions on advisory boards of both profit and non-profit
organizations. Dr. Chu is currently the Vice-President of the California State Board of Physical Therapy. Appointed by the Governor of California for a four-year term, currently finishing his first year on the Board. 

    Dr. Chu is an individual whose diverse background and experiences, in
addition to his communication skills, have allowed him to lecture and teach in
virtually every state in the union and many foreign countries. His approach to human movement has allowed him to become an expert at taking the theoretical and implementing it in a practical setting. His ability to write has provided the opportunity to publish in a wide variety of lay and professional publications. He currently has a monthly article on Plyometric Training in "Muscular Development" magazine. His ability to work "hands-on" with athletes has provided the opportunity to work with professional and elite athletes from a variety of sports. In every case, the ultimate goal is to help the athlete reach their ultimate potential. 

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