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Double Grip Handle Medicine Balls

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Double Grip Handle Balls are great for Core Strengthening exercises - work your Abs, Back, Torso, even Shoulders, Grip, and Forearms!
  • Enhance Jumpsoles training with powerful exercises
  • Ideal for rotational drills, crunches, curls
  • Durable for throwing and swinging drills
  • Complete with Instruction Sheet with 15 Exercises
See Exercises Below!

Double Grip Handle Balls increase difficulty of exercises such as lunges, crunches, and more! More exercises at the bottom of the page. 

Enhancing your Jumpsoles Workout

Hold the Double Grip Ball in front of you while you do Squats

Hold the Double Grip Ball over your head, and when you jump, fully extend your arms as if you were going to dunk it.

Hold the Double Grip Ball in front of your chest as you do Cone Hops.

Extend the Double Grip Ball over your head as you do Bounding and Skipping exercises.

Hold the Double Grip Ball to the side of your front leg as you lunge. when you step forward with the other leg, swing the ball over your head to the other side.

6 lb. through 12 lb. are great for vertical jumping workouts. 14 lb. and 20 lb. are great for strength workouts.

6 lb. Double Grip Handle Ball
(Item # MBDG6)
Price:  $39.95 

8 lb. Double Grip Handle Ball
(Item # MBDG8)
Price:  $49.95 

10 lb. Double Grip 
Handle Ball
(Item # MBDG10)
Price:  $54.95

Featured Special:

Two 12 lb. Double Grip Handle Balls, Swiss Ball
(Item # MBDG2SET10)

Price:  Regular Price: $152.80
Special Price: $124.95

Save almost $30! Comes with free foot pump.

Heavy Duty Nylon Rope
Open up an array of swinging exercises for core power and strength.
(Item # MBROPE)
Price:   $9.95

- 13 more exercises


Strength Ball Training by Lorne Goldenberg and Peter Twist

Great for passing drills through the legs or around the body.

The Double Grip Handle Ball makes crunches more effective.

The Double Grip Ball used with the Swiss Ball opens up the doors for dozens of terrific ab strengthening exercises.

Curls and other exercises that cannot be done with ordinary Medicine Balls are now easy with the Double Grip Handle Ball.

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