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Dribble Specs

Force Yourself to Dribble by Feel

Many athletes - even some seasoned veterans - tend to look downward at the ball while dribbling. This limits not only your court vision, but also your dribbling ability - because it depends on the fact that you are looking at the ball.

Even when you think you are not looking at the ball you may be.  Dribble Specs restrict your downward vision - including your peripheral vision - forcing you to play by feel.  Psychologically they change the way you play, helping you to concentrate more on what's around you, rather than what is underneath you. 

Due to the natural human tendency, while dribbling the basketball players tend to look down at their ball, instead of their surroundings and opponents. This is a major drawback in this game and the renowned star players have excelled because they overcame this psychological effect. The major training equipments that have been put into use to avoid this problem are the dribbling glasses. These basketball glasses keep you from seeing the floor by restricting your downward and peripheral vision, and this eventually trains you to keep your head up and watch the court. Dribble specs have been by used veterans and basketball aspirants to improve their concentration in the court. We at JumpUSA, provide the best quality of dribble glasses at very affordable prices. Our dribble specs are made from a soft plastic that causes no irritation and are of a standard size with an adjustable strap for proper fitting. By practicing regularly with these glasses you naturally learn to play without looking at the ball. You can also avail heavy discounts on pack purchase. At Jump USA, we specialize in supplying all kinds of basketball equipments and accessories like hoops, basketball racks, traction fluids, and lots more. Our genuine and branded basketball accessories will definitely help you in honing your basketball skills and techniques.

  • One size fits all - adjustable strap in back for comfort and fit
  • Made of soft plastic that conforms to your face
    Dribble Specs

     (Item # DSPECS)

    Dribble Specs - Six Pack  value $60 (Save $10)
     (Item # DSPECS6PACK)

    Dribble Specs - 20 Pack  value $199 (Save $50)
     (Item # DSPECS20)

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