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Duraband for Soccer

Elastic Resistance Trainers

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Soccer Training and Soccer Goals

Soccer players at all levels will benefit from this sport specific training program kit. 

  • Improve Performance 
  • Improve coordination 
  • Improve ball handling 
  • Improve kicking power 
  • Reduce/ prevent hip, ankle and knee injuries) 
  • Improven quickness and trunk stability 
  • Improve Kicking mechanics and core stability 
  • Safe for Youth to Pros 
The kit includes 4 color-coded bands for varied resistances plus 10 great exercises and a carry case. The Dura-Band is also extremely effective for individuals who need help in performing rehabilitative exercises. 

Soccer Functional Training Kit Includes:

4 Heavy-Duty Dura-Band® Color-Coded Resistance Bands
RED - Ideal for rehabilitation and younger athletes 
ORANGE - Light Resistance
GREEN - Medium Resistance
BLUE- Heavy Resistance
(Up to 3 Dura-Bands can be used simultaneously). 

2 Exercise Handles - These handles are used to simulate the hitting motion, perform general strengthening exercises, or to create a fixed pint of resistance along top, bottom or length of a door. 

1 Extremity Strap - This velcro-type strap creates a fixed point of resistance around any object of choosing, or for general strengthening attaches to foot, ankle, calf, knee or thigh. 

1 Duraband Soccer Ball Attachment Strap

1 Zipper Carrying Case - Small, lightweight and ideal for duffel bags. 

Exercises - Color Instruction and Exercise insert

Duraband for Soccer
U.S. $49.95


How does it work?
The Duraband works on the same principle as free weights or machine weights: the "Overload Principle." To increase strength in a muscle, resistance is needed to challenge the muscle. Increased strength results as the muscle accommodates to the new level of resistance. The Duraband allows this to be done safely, conveniently, and effectively. 

The Duraband uses colors to differentiate band resistance. Resistance can also be varied within each colored band by using the exclusive band-adjuster that is attached to each Duraband. You can adjust to a longer length for less resistance or a shorter length for more resistance. 

Resistance can be further varied by simultaneously clipping two or three colors of the Duraband onto your fixed point of resistance. With the Duraband you can truly create a countless number of resistance levels with quickness and ease. 

Why Choose the Duraband?

  • Durable

  • Uses a unique layering process that binds multiple layers together, forming a tough, resilient band 
  • No Band Slippage

  • Bands are securely fastened to handles via adjustable clips 
  • Regulation Size Baseball or Softball

  • Perfect for simulating the pitching motion and performing throwing exercises 
  • Soft Foam Handles For Hitting Exercises

  • Eliminates wrapping bands around hand and allows proper beginning ranges of motion 
  • Less Smell & Allergens

  • 99.998 % free of latex allergens and scented with vanilla to leave a clean pleasant smell after handling 
  • Professional Quality

  • High quality materials combined with 24 professionally designed exercises

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