The Dynaflex Powerball Deluxe

Deluxe model with Gyro-Light: It Lights up as it goes faster!

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The Strength Training Gyro Exercisers are one of the most effective exercise tools for strengthening wrist and arm muscles. Whether you play sports, an instrument or are just interested in general fitness one of the These Gyros are definitely for you. Recommended by many Chiropractors to aid in prevention or recovery of Carpal Tunnel, PGA Partners Club tested and approved. 
The Dyna-Flex Powerball makes the cover of Time magazine as one of their top 10 digital devices of the year. It features a balance rotor and removable top cap, which allow insertion of the optional digital speed meter. Generates from 32lbs to 35 lbs of torque when speeds of 9,000 - 13,000 RPM's are reached. The ultimate in engineering design, featuring the same user-friendly features as the Dyna-Flex Pro Plus but incorporating an on board generator. By activating the gyro, a dynamism (motion) is created, which will activate LED lights, located in the interior of the gyro. The faster the unit runs, the brighter the lights will be until the whole hand is engulfed in a bright glow. Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes the ultimate hand, wrist and arm Exerciser, the Dyna-Flex Powerball. 
  • Build strength while improving coordination
  • New easy grip outer sphere for better control and prolonged usage
  • Generates a whopping 32lbs of gyroscopic pressure at 9,000 RPM. Extra-strong wristed athletes have gone even higher.
  • Variable resistance is achieved by increasing or decreasing the speed.
  • Because Dyna-Flex is iso-tonic and iso-kinetic, rather than iso-metric, it is safe and effective, in the medical therapeutic setting, as well as for sports training and rehabilitation.
  • Get the edge in Tennis, Bowling, Golf or any sport that requires a strong grip and/or control.
  • Exclusive new design for ease of starting.
  • Perfect for sports warm-ups!

The Powerball Speed Meter has 3 important functions:

  • Measures the users current speed.
  • Remembers the users highest rpm. 
  • Calculates the maximum revolutions of the gyro.



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    The Dynaflex Powerball Deluxe - with Gyro-Light
    A one-of-a-kind hypnotic experience!
    Price:   U.S. $39.95
    (Item # POWERBALL)
    The Dynaflex Powerball Speed Meter 
    Plug it into the top of your Powerball and measure your RPM - can you hit 10,000?

    Jaco Snyman (South Africa) 04/28/04

    Will you be the one to beat it?

    Price:  U.S. $19.95

    Powerball adds yards to your golf drive. It's used by Karl Woodward, Senior Golf Pro and Guinness Golf Drive World Record Holder ( 408 yards all carry!!!)


    The Dyna-Flex powers up with the rising pitch of an F-18 fighter - with no batteries, no motor. Yet we dare you to hold on to it! Give it a quick pull or thumb flick to get it moving. Rotate your hand. It starts to race and hum. Soon it's whirling at over 9,000 revolutions per minute! Meanwhile, your wrists, grip, and arm are straining and working out against a powerhouse gyroscopic action. In fact, Dyna-Flex is now spinning internally so fast that it wants to leap out of your hand! Need a break? Slow down the rotations, or pass it on to an unsuspecting friend. Watch them try to hold onto it! As an executive relaxer, a carpal-tunnel / arthritis reliever, or a strength and coordination builder, Dyna-Flex will knock your socks off!

    Analysis of Motion and Muscle Activity

    MOTIONS OF THE HAND: The Dyna-Flex Pro is held by a prehensile power grip.  The object is clamped by the partly flexed fingers from co-contraction of the profundus and superficialis flexor muscles, and extensor digitorum.  Also stabilizing demands are placed on both the volar and dorsal interossei and on the lumbricals.  It is held in the palm by counter pressure applied with the thumb in opposition.  This is accomplished by contraction of the abductor pollicis, and flexor pollicis longus and brevis.  In addition, static contraction of the opponens pollicis and opponens digiti minimi occurs.  During the work phase of the activity, these muscles are exercised in an isometric manner; the length of the muscle is maintained, while the tension within the muscle is increased and/or decreased as the demands of the gyroscopic force change.  Grip strength studies show that the limiting factor appears to be the ability of the thumb to oppose the force of the fingers.  The Dyna-Flex Pro is able to successfully exercise these muscles and their related synergistic groups. 
    MOTIONS OF THE WRIST:  To maintain or increase the speed or rotation of the Dyna-Flex Pro, the motions in the wrist rotate in the opposite direction.  Each of the muscles in the wrist functions as an agonist, a stabilizer, and as an antagonist as the load shifts.  The degree of motion of the wrist is inversely proportional to the speed or thrust of the Dyna-Flex Pro.  At high speeds, the wrist is exercised within a range parameter that allows the greatest strength of prehensile position for the hand; the wrist is in mid-position and rotating within 10-15 degrees of flexion and extension.

    MOTIONS OF THE FOREARM:  Rotation of the forearm also assists in maintaining the speed of the Dyna-Flex Pro.  The pronator and supinator groups act as agonist, stabilizer, and antagonist in a similar fashion as the muscles of the wrist.  The biceps brachii assist with supination, and the brachioradialis assist in pronation to midpoint when the elbow is flexed to 90 degrees.  The action of the forearm is performed in mid-position to pronation, and the radius is rotated across the ulna, or in mid-position to supination where the bones lie parallel to each other.
    MOTIONS OF THE ARM, SHOULDER, AND SHOULDER GIRDLE:  The muscular action of the arm, shoulder, and shoulder girdle is primarily of stabilization for the activity of the forearm, wrist, and hand.  The specific demands on the muscle groups in these joints are variable according to the position for the extremity.  For example, the Dyna-Flex Pro is held in the hand pronated, the elbow is extended, the shoulder is abducted and internally rotated, and the shoulder girdle is upwardly rotated and abducted.  All musculature of these joints are co-contracting for stabilization.  However, greater strength demands are placed on the elbow extensors, the shoulder abductors, and external rotators, and the shoulder girdle abductors in the rotator cuff muscle groups.  The demands are extremely variable and can be changed to obtain specific results by positioning the extremity.

    Muscles Used when using the Dynaflex Powerball:

    Information on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (or Repetitive Motion Trauma) is a painful and debilitating condition caused by repetitive hand and wrist movement. It affects office and industrial workers, both male and female, wherever tasks necessitate repetitive wrist motions that include flexion, extension and rotation. 
    The direct cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can best be described as follows: 

    The median nerve which serves the thumb and 1st 2 fingers of the hand, passes through a tunnel in the wrist which is actually formed by a combination of ligaments, tendons, fascia and small carpal bones. If these structures become irritated or inflamed, particularly due to an unequal balance of pull on tendons of the wrist, the actual accumulation of swelling produces physical pressure on the median nerve, thereby eliciting the pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness as the symptoms of "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome." 

    Therefore balancing and making more efficient the pull of opposing tendons and muscles with the wrist/forearm alleviates inflammation and swelling often reducing or eliminating symptoms. This is best accomplished with good balanced strength and flexibility exercises as well as ergonomically correct supports and appliances. 

    There are a few cases that have been existing long enough to have scar tissue developing response to repetitive and persistant inflammation which unfortunately will necessitate surgical intervention.

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