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Elgin Archxerciser is the #1 Arch  Exerciser recommended by podiatrists.

Elgin Archxerciser
  • Great remedy for fallen arches and weak instep.
  • Compact, lightweight resistive aid increases ROM 
  • Strengthens intrinsic and extrinsic foot musculature
  • Relieves sore feet. 
  • Helpful in plantar fasciitis, heel spur syndrome, and post-op rehab.
Elgin Archxerciser
 US $29.95 

Elgin Archxerciser Pair
 US $54.95 

A study was done using the Elgin Arch exerciser. Subjects were randomly assigned to training with either the left or right foot, with the other side serving as a control, for six weeks. No other training took place during this time. At the end of the six-week programm, the subjects were retested for toe flexor strength and jump performance. The results were as astounding**:

Change in 'control' leg Change in exercised leg 
Toe flexor strength -1.4 lbs. 3.9 lbs. 
Horizontal jump 1.40 in 4.23 in
Vertical jump 0.07 in 1.06 in 

The results confirmed that subjects gained an inch in vertical, and 4 inches in horizontal jumping distance! This shows that the foot muscles should not be ignored when training for vertical jumping. Get the Elgin Arch Exerciser.

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