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The Explanar teaches the golf swing by turning your swing thoughts into feelings, in the same way that stabilisers/ training wheels on a bicycle offer guidance during the process of learning to ride. 

We all learn quicker by experiencing an action rather than through the spoken or written word. 

Once you have learned the basic skill of balance, improving your technique becomes easier. 

The Explanar hoop is used in conjunction with a weighted Power Roller. You step inside the Explanar rest the Power Roller on the hoop and take your grip and stance in the centre of the Explanar with the Power Roller in the central ball position. The Explanar is then adjusted to the correct angle in order that you can swing the Power Roller on your optimum biomechanical swing plane.

The Explanar hoop is easily set to each individual's optimum biomechanical swing plane using the calibrated struts. A full explanation is demonstrated on the DVD

The Power Roller™ trains/retrains and builds the golfing muscles, creating a more dynamic and athletic swing.

The Plane Fin™ is a essential reference point. It will act as an indicator as to whether or not you are swinging on your optimum plane. 

The Radial Stance Mat™ is an industry first and enables you to practice intentional draw and fade shots


The Explanar is used enthusiastically by qualified Golf Professionals across the World. Many have their own method of teaching and Explanar complements these.

Explanar is a “teaching agnostic” tool, designed to enable all Teaching Professionals to more easily communicate, through feel, what it is that they want their students to achieve.

On paper and screen Explanar would appear to teach constant plane. This is NOT the case. Because the Power Roller slides, rolls and slips the Explanar allows a mild “figure of eight” swing, resulting is a backswing which can be wide and slightly above plane, to a downswing which shallows TO plane ensuring a greater chance of a squarer club face at impact and down the target line. 

The golfer can then either release by hinging the wrists upward to plane like the majority of golfers, or “hold out the hit” limiting forearm rotation through the shot, like 6 times Major winner Nick Faldo and other “faders” like the great Lee Trevino.


Improved Understanding
Any golfer knows that taking your swing from the practice ground to the golf course is rarely easy. This is because knowledge, however well imparted, often leads to mental confusion which in turn restricts the body from performing effectively.

After viewing the acclaimed instructional DVD by Top Teaching Professional and Inventor Luther Blacklock, the Explanar will give you an instant appreciation of how the swing should feel.

Greater Consistency
The weight of the Power Roller plays a critical part in training and retraining the swing and eradicating ingrained faults in established players.

Practice on the range doesn’t guarantee a repeatable swing.

Regular use of Explanar rapidly transforms a motion resulting in a more repetitive and therefore consistent swing. This builds confidence and helps lower scores. See Explanar testimonials. 

Fitness through Specificity
Regular training on Explanar targets the muscles specifically used in the golf swing.

By using Explanar for just 10 minutes a day you’ll experience a dramatic improvement in your core stability and an increased level of rotation. Your forearms and legs will also feel the benefit of the Power Roller™ as your muscles are gently extended and developed.

You should see a positive change in your physical appearance over time and as you progress you can acquire the “fitness” Power Roller.

When in use: Height 9ft (if covered area) – Width 13ft – Depth 4ft
When stored: Length 7ft – Height 5ft – Width 1ft 4in. 


The Explanar is a revolutionary new development in golf learning designed by Luther Blacklock. It is the complete golf training system based around the fundamental principles of the swing plane and the biomechanics of the body. 

Of steel construction, the Explanar Home Training System is a revolutionary training and golf fitness system.

It comprises of a hoop and a calibrated strut to allow you to set the Explanar to your biomechanical optimum swing plane. The Radial Stance Mat™ is integral and enables you to practice intentional draw and fade shots. The Plane Fin™ which is an essential reference point, will act as an indicator as to whether or not you are swinging on your optimum plane.

The Power Roller™ trains/retrains and builds the golfing muscles creating a more dynamic and athletic swing.

The hoop hinges at the halfway point and both the strut and Plane Fin™ is detachable to enable easy storage. The Explanar has wheels and is fully mobile.

The Explanar Home Training System is weather-resistant, powder coated in silver and comes with a 12 month warranty.

• Explanar Radial Stance Mat™
• Explanar Plane Fin™
• Explanar (long) Power Roller™ - Driver to 5 Iron
• Comprehensive Instructional DVD by Luther Blacklock
• UK Top 25 PGA Professional & Inventor of the Explanar
• Membership of the Explanar Club with access to support and advice from the Explanar Team via Explanar.com
• Exclusive offers from Explanar 

Explanar Home

 US $899 with free shipping

The Explanar is a revolutionary development in golf instruction designed by Luther Blacklock, Advanced Fellow of the PGA of Great Britain. It is the complete golf training system based around the fundamental principles of the swing plane and the biomechanics of the body. 

The highly engineered foldaway & rollaway Explanar Professional model is made from aluminium and has proven a hit with PGA professionals across the world. 

Nothing helps a Golf Professional communicate the working of the golf swing more rapidly than Explanar and no other teaching aid delivers more dramatic and positive results.

The Professional Package comes complete with the following:

• Explanar® Aluminium Teaching Model 
• Explanar Radial Stance Mat™
• Power Roller™ - Driver to 5 Iron
• Power Roller™ – 6 Iron to Wedge
• Training Manual and Video DVD.
• Part of the Explanar Marketing Programme* * Free in year 1 

Explanar Pro

 US $3995 + $250 shipping


Hi guys, A pro Explanar was purchased by Mr E. Recher at the Munich trade show.
This machine has just finished its first week "live" in action at a new indoor golf facility here in Basel Switzerland , and as you will not be so surprised to hear its simply brilliant , I have been teaching and training Golf full time for just over 10 years now here in Switzerland and south Germany and I can quite honestly say its the best training aid I have ever used. 
Dave Wring and Dayne Hawkins.

Renowned Ontario PGA Professional David Banks, based at Hidden Lake, hails Explanar as “the biggest thing to hit golf tuition and learning since the video camera and delivers far better and more permanent results in a fraction of the time!” Banks added: “Through feeling, Explanar transforms a golfers understanding of what’s required in the golf swing. It’s instant and the effects as so dramatic and positive they’re scary!” 

“The best result I could have hoped for, thanks to Explanar. I found the light switch with a regular student of mine and after just 2 lessons on the Explanar he shot the round of his life, reducing his handicap from 25 – 19. Truly amazing!” 
Nigel Coles, Head Professional, Zimmerner GC, Germany 

I just want to thank you again for a wonderful day. I know that with Explanar my life as a golf teacher just got easier. All the success in the world, you deserve it.

“Our Bennett’s Golf Learning Centre in Estoril was the first golf venue in Portugal to acquire an Explanar Golf Training System and I now have another at our facility in Madiera. Explanar is an integral part of our teaching programmes. This excellent aid is suitable (and works) for golfers at all levels, from beginners to those that earn their living from the game.”
Tony Bennett, PGA Professional, PGA of Europe Consultant and National Portugal Coach, Academia de Golf, Linho, Estoril, Portugal 

“I combine video with the Explanar and my pupils find the experience of ‘see and feel’ of great help in understanding the swing plane. The Explanar stops people from thinking ‘positionally’. Not only has it helped my business, increasing lessons and revenue, it doesn’t impose a teaching method on you. It’s just a great aid.”
Joe Hagan, PGA Professional, Hersham Village Golf Club, Surrey, England 

Along with my School, I completely endorse the Explanar Golf Training System and am very proud to be associated with this fine product and also its inventor, Luther Blacklock. We use only the finest teaching aids at my School to help the hundreds of students we see each year and have implemented, with success, the Explanar System into our approach to teaching.”
Claude “Butch” Harmon, President – Butch Harmon School of Golf, Nevada, USA 

“Simple. That’s the Explanar. It’s a fast learning process for beginners, getting them to a basic golf swing extremely quickly. Its results are dramatic, undoing ingrained swing faults in established players almost instantly. It helps players at all levels feel how the swing actually works.”
Kevin Carpenter, PGA Professional (and contributing teaching Professional to Today’s Golfer, Britain’s Biggest selling Golf Magazine) Celtic Manor Resort, South Wales 

“Simplicity in action. With a good grip and correct posture, the Explanar gives an instant picture of how the swing should feel. Swing thoughts are no longer an issue. One of my pupils, a 2 handicap player, has, after a difficult spell, regained his game and this year won the Club Championship and finished 3rd in his County Championship. He rightly attributes this success, in no small part, to the Explanar”
Alun Wardle, PGA Professional, Beeston Fields Golf Club, Nottingham, England 

“The Explanar brings the swing to life. It’s a short-cut to a good swing and promotes feel and understanding. The feedback from my pupils has always been positive. Me and my team use the Explanar every day.”
Steve Barker, PGA Professional, Hertfordshire, England 

“One pupil of mine, Alan Tapp, reduced his handicap this year from 11 to 7 after a winter spent on the Explanar. He’s addicted to it and uses it to warm up prior to a round. I’ve been qualified and teaching for 8 years and my first year with the Explanar has been my most enjoyable to date. It’s just a fantastic tool.”
Craig Dunn, PGA Professional Marriott St. Pierre Hotel & Country Club, South Wales 

“With TWO Explanars at our teaching academy we’ve improved our overall offering and added value to our customers. We’ve also increased our revenue through roller rental and extra lessons. They’ve more than paid for themselves.”
Chris Potter, PGA Professional & Proprietor Bawburgh Driving Range, Norwich, England 

“The Explanar has given my pupils, through feeling, an understanding of width in the back swing in relation to the body and arms as well as the releasing of the club in the follow-through. It’s a great tool.”
Shane O’Grady, PGA Professional, Black Bush Golf Club, Ireland 

“I’m a great fan of the Explanar. Its simplicity has great appeal and most importantly, it works! Interest amongst our customers has been considerable and we use it extensively in our teaching to great effect. It represents a sound investment and I know that it’ll add value to my professionals and our pupils.”
Colin Jenkins, PGA Professional & Proprietor Staplehurst Golf Centre, Kent, England 

“Most teaching aids have only one use. The Explanar has a multitude of applications. I’m not aware of any other teaching aid that caters for such a wide spectrum of golfer. In my view its biggest strength is its diversity. It works simply and quickly”
Claude Harmon III, Professional, Kings Acre Golf Course & Academy, Edinburgh, Scotland 

“The Explanar has enhanced the total tutorial offering for my pupils, making the teaching and learning of golf more pleasurable.”
Nick McNally, PGA Professional, Marriott Tudor Park Hotel & Country Club, Kent, England 

“There are many established golfers that have never understood how their hands should work. The Explanar enables them to understand through feel how their hands work. I’ve found the Explanar particularly useful in helping teach the down swing. The weighted roller helps eliminate ‘casting’.”
Brian Patterson, PGA Professional, Rosapenna Hotel Golf Links, County Donegal, Ireland 

“Using the Explanar has enabled me to help my pupils gain a feeling and greater understanding of the swing plane.”
Mark Wood, PGA Professional, Marriott Hollins Hall Hotel & Country Club, Yorkshire, England 

“I had Explanar just a week and I’ve used it at some point in every lesson with excellent results. Most pupils, even beginners are stepping out and hitting draw-spin. One lady, who’s struggled with woods, is now hitting them better than ever before, with a little draw-spin. ‘I’ve never done that before’ were her first words. It’s amazing. Explanar increases rotation and shoulder turn giving more power and distance.”
Colin Williams, Head PGA Professional, Fakenham GC, Norfolk, England. 

Well I finally got to use the Explanar in Phoenix. It truly helped my students but, I could not believe how well it worked for me. I have played 3 times in the last 4 months. I used the explanar to warm up with for 5 min. I played one of the best rounds of golf I've played in the last 5 years. All the things I've been working on in my golf swing fell into place.
Stan Sayers, PGA Professional, Denver Colorado 

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