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Verticle Jumping

Speed Quickness

Explosive Calves

Now you can workout your calves while you play!

Increasing your vertical requires a more powerful calf muscle contraction. Wearing Explosive Calves while you play and during drills, allows you to promote the muscle fiber recruitment you need to increase power for greater speed and elevation. Add more elastics to increase resistance.

A perfect compliment to Jumpsoles training!  Train with the Jumpsoles, then play with the Explosive Calves!

Attach the brace to your calf and link it to your front shoestrings. Add more elastics for increased resistance!
Explosive Calves

Price:   ONLY $29.95

2 extra cord set for Explosive Calves
Price:   $12.95

Explosive Calves with 2 extra cords
Price:   $39.95

Recommended drills: Calf Raises, Ankle Bounces, High Knees, Proprioceptor training.  (Comes with drill sheet)

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