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Agility Training

Foam Rollers Used for a variety of applications such as rehab, sports training and improving balance, Foam Rollers provide a dynamic training surface no matter what your goals. Foam Rollers come in 1/2 cylinders and round cylinders. The half round foam rollers can be used for starters, while the full round foam rollers can be used for more advanced exercises.  They come in 12" (1') or 36" (3') lengths.

All foam rollers are made of high quality, dense blue foam that allows them to maintain their shape as well as provide consistent resistance. 

Foam Rollers
Half Round 12"
Foam Roller
12"X3" Blue
(Item # FOAMHALF12)
Half Round 36"
Foam Roller
36"X3" Blue
(Item # FOAMHALF36)
Round 12"
Foam Roller
12"X6" Blue
(Item # FOAMROUND12)
Round 36" 
Foam Roller
36"X6" Blue
(Item # FOAMROUND36)
Foam Roller
Carrying Strap only
ALL 4 Foam Roller Set
12" Half and Round
36" Half and Round
Includes Carrying Strap
(Item # FOAMSET)

A few foam roller exercises for your lower back

Exercise Foam Rollers for Sale

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