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Footbags - Hacky Sacks


Footbags for foot speed, reaction skills, balance and coordination!

Athletes use footbags to improve the athlete’s efficiency in reading what is happening (seeing where a person or an object is going to move) and reacting to that movement by making a counter-movement.  It's also a lot of fun and a popular pastime.
Sandmaster Footbags

The SandMaster® is a succulent 14-panel footbag (hacky sack) made of a super soft and tough synthetic suede. This footbag's san filling makes it slightly heavier and softer, ideal for all freestyle delay tricks.
Colors may vary.
Sandmaster Footbags
Price:   US$12.95 

Sandmaster Footbags - Team Pack of 6
Price:   US$49.95 

**This footbag comes with the World Footbag Association's highest recommendation**

Boota Footbags

The Boota bag is the the lowest priced sport model footbag on the market today.  It's hand-crotcheted with sturdy, 100% cotton thread in a wild array of intricate colors and patterns.  The Boota bag's slightly larger size and low price combine to make this an ideal model for a new player.
Colors may vary.
Boota Footbags
Price:   US$9.95 

Boota Footbags Team Pack of 6
Price:   US$39.95 

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