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Exercise Books

Most Popular
Ben Hogan DVD
The Ben Hogan Collection
Newly discovered footage from the estate of the master himself.

Polara Golf Balls
The world's most accurate golf ball
Grip Coach
Toss N Chip
Fling the Toss N Chip like a frisbee for an instant chipping target!

The Driving Range Backsaver


The Refiner Golf Club
Hinged Swing Trainer teaches you the perfect swing. 5-Irons, Drivers, and Putters.

Flush Hit Driver
Captures the ball on good contact - start hitting your drives at the perfect sweet spot! The best training aid we've seen that really works on your drive.

The Divot Mat
The DivotMat™ System will improve your ball contact!
Grip Coach
Grip Coach
Attach to any club and guide your hands to the correct grip!

Check Go
Sweet Spot Finder - Draws a line along the sweet spot of the ball so you can get accurate roll on greens.

The Path Pro
Multiple positions provide over 35 swing fixes!

As all of today's sports are becoming those of fit and conditioned athletes, so is golf.  Today's golfers now include not only cardio, but also strength training in their workouts.  PGA instructors have been recommending wrist and forearms workouts to add power and accuracy to their shots.  These exercises are crucial to women golfers as well.

The Golf Gym
Elastic Resistance Device for working rotational power

The Speed Stik
is an amazing golf training aid that will empower you to hit the ball farther by increasing the speed of your swing.

The Dynaflex Powerball
Strengthen your wrists and forearms - this unique ball actually lights up brighter as you go faster. A one-of-a-kind hypnotic experience!

The Swing Sock
Weighted Golf Swing Trainer

Swing Machine X-Factor
The ultimate golf-specific training, strengthening and improvement station for gyms, clubs, academies, sports medicine facilities or home.

The Wrist Roller
-Strengthen wrists and forearms
-Cut through rough more easily
-Add control and accuracy

Golf Gym Heavy Clubs
Weighted Clubs from the makers of the Golf Gym!

It's not how hard you swing but how well you swing! Optimize your club head speed for your best Distance, Control, and Accuracy


The Putting Arc
Great putting is not a mysterious art... great putting is an Arc.

Putt 'N Hazard
With Electronic Ball Return!

Digital Green Reader - used by Pros before tournaments!

Putter Pool
Combine Pool with Golf Putting!

Personal Putting Greens
Customizable putting greens for indoor or outdoor use!

DVDs and Instruction:

Tao of Golf
Video by Sensei Marc Anthony
Learn amazing exercises and techniques to improve your golf swing in just minutes a day

Complete Conditioning for Golf
105 exercises and drills to develop your strength, power, flexibility, and coordination

Used by PGA Teaching Professionals in 26 Countries, this state of the art Golf Teaching Tool will give you a stronger, straighter shot!

Nets and Mats

Chipping and Driving Mat
Jumbo 3'X4' Mat

  Multi Sports Net
Cantilevered design created specifically to trap wedge shots!

Quik Golf Net
8' X 10' Golf Net

Chip Shot Popup Net
20" Diameter, Pops up in seconds!

The Drivetime
Home Driving Range

Stretching, Strengthening

Indian Clubs
Awaken Your Shoulder Muscles!
Full extention, range of motion, flexibility, and injury reduction.

Swiss Ball for Golf
This DVD provides viewers with golf-specific exercises and a workout program that utilizes the proven and time-tested balance ball.

Foam Rollers
Great for balancing those hard swings, especially on uneven terrain.

You can add 50 yards to your drives with medicine ball training!
Power golf drives begin from within the trunk and torso and radiate outwards to the arms and wrists. For top golf pros, medicine ball training has long been a secret method to gain precious yards on the fairway. Train with Dr. Don Chu and 300+ yard driving champion Randy Souza, and you'll soon be hitting the ball a ton!

Golf System Basic - 6lb, Speed Swing, Video

Golf System Power - 6lb, 10lb, Speedswing, Video

Check out other Plyoball Systems

The Spin and Throw Resistor - for great core strength and sport simulation!

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