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Heavy Football

One of the Best Football Catching Aids Ever!

Also Perfect for Long Snapping Drills!

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Football Training


Football training aids use heavy football to increase the coordination, catching skills and muscle strength of players. The heavy football is ideal for short snapping drills which are perfect for developing muscles and increasing accuracy. This is an excellent football training aid as the ball is two times heavier than regular footballs. The weight of the heavy football makes it ideal for throwing practices at short distance and it feels just like catching a throw from long distance. By using the sports training products, you can increase your accuracy in the game and also enjoy a strict training routine. The heavy footballs can be used as both football training aids and a Volleyball training aids. JumpUSA.com is the top online store for sports training products and all kinds of sports training aids. Browse through our online store to buy our world class sports training products at affordable prices.
This is a heavy projectile. As such, the distance of use must be shortened. Misuse may lead to injuries.

Do Not:
• Do not throw this ball for distance. You may hurt your arm and shoulder.
• Do not try to catch this ball if it was thrown to you at full force. You may hurt your fingers, get bruised, get hit in the face, etc.

• Use this ball for long snapping drills. The perfect drill to strengthen your snapping muscles and increase accuracy.

• Use this ball for short range < 5 yds catching drills. There is no better receiving drill than having this ball underhand spiralled to you from close range. Because of the weight, it feels like you're catching a pass from distance. It feels realistic. The beauty of this drill is that you can get three times more reps catching balls in the same amount of time, and your throwing partner can accurately randomize location so you get good at catching the ball anywhere around you!

Heavy Football The 2 lb. Heavy Football

Regulation weight footballs: 15 oz.
The Heavy Football: 30 oz.

2X heavier than regulation

Heavy Football

Price:  U.S. $29.95

pitching pad
The Pitching Pad
Dimensions: 65” Tall x 43” Wide x 4” Thick
Outer Material: 18 ounce vinyl
Straps: Double stitched black "seat belt" webbing
Buckles: Heavy duty plastic tension
Inside Material:
Medium density foam

The Pitching Pad ($199)
+ Heavy Football



Straps on to any fence, use it for target practice by color,
or the numbers displayed like a clock.

See details on the Pitching Pad


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