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Heavy Volleyballs

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Heavy volleyball is the original size of volleyball but it is three times the original weight. The extra weight helps the players in training with the volleyball. The heavy volleyball increases the grip strength and also aids strength training. Heavy volleyballs are the best training aids for players who want to increase their stamina and precision while playing the game. At JumpUSA.com, athletes and players can buy high quality heavy volleyballs to help them with volleyball training. The volleyball training aids offered at our online store are ideal for all players whether they are beginners or professionals. The regulation volleyball size also helps the players when they actually play with a regular sized volleyball which weighs less. If you want to get better results from your volleyball training, make sure you try this amazing volleyball training aid. Check out our online store for all types of heavy volleyball training aids.
Heavy Weighted Volleyballs
Our revolutionary heavy volleyball is official size but weighs 3 times the official weight (which is 10 ounces.).  Practicing with a heavier volleyball will improve finger strength for setting and hand and arm strength for serving and spiking!
  • 30 ounces
  • Regulation Volleyball Size
  • Great for setting drills or improving serving distance and strength
Heavy Volleyball
Price:   U.S. $39.95

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