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Heavy Workout Basketballs

Indoor or Outdoor
Available in both Regulation and Intermediate sizes

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Plyoball Systems for Basketball

Our revolutionary heavy basketball is official size but weighs more than twice the official weight(which is 1.3 lbs.).  Practicing with a heavier ball will improve all areas of your game by helping you become a stronger shooter, passer, rebounder, and ballhandler! Available in both Regulation and Intermediate sizes.
  • Official Size : 3 lb = 29.5" , 2.75 lb.= 28.5"
  • Excellent Grip and Feel
  • Bounces like a Regulation Basketball
  • Extend Your Shooting Range - Hit those NBA Threes!
  • Improve Your Arm, Wrist, and Finger Strength for Dribbling, Passing, and Shooting!
  • Develop Power Moves and Rebounding

The 3 lb. Heavy Basketball


The Heavy Basketball
+ Heavyball Training DVD/CD-Rom
(see below for details)


New Composite Leather!

How to Upgrade Your Heavyball from other packages:
1. Pick Your Package from one on this page
2. Choose Your Size: Regulation or Intermediate
3. Choose Composite Leather (add $20)

TWO Heavy Basketballs
With two heavy basketballs, you can do two-handed dribbling exercises (simultaneous or alternating) to improve hand-eye coordination and ballhandling skills!

TWO Heavy Basketballs
+ Heavyball Training DVD/CD-Rom
(see below for details)


SIX 3 lb. Heavy Basketballs 
+ Heavyball Training DVD/CD-Rom
Team Pack - save $10 per Heavyball


Ships deflated and includes free ball pump


Play it on your DVD or Computer! 11 powerful exercises to get the most out of your 3 lb. Heavy Basketball.  Included are exercises to improve wrist strength, finger strength, jumping power, and dribbling!

BONUS: 2 Special Lunge Exercises with the Jumpsoles and Proprioceptors - for leg strength and first step quickness -
AND coupons worth up to $20 on JUMPUSA equipment

Heavyball Training DVD/CD-Rom
11 + 2 exercises
(Item # HBCD)


"Before I used the Heavyball, I used to just pat the ball and not really dribble, which would often lead to turnovers. Now after using the Heavyball for a couple of weeks, my dribbling has dramatically gotten better and stronger. I feel more confident with the basketball in my hands and not worried about turnovers. Another reason I purchased the Heavyball was to broaden my shooting range. I used to only make three-pointers once in a while, now I can shoot them with ease. I feel much stronger and more confident in my shot. Though I have only used the Heavyball for a couple of weeks and done the workout exercises provided, I already feel the difference in my game."

Kevin Wang
Arcadia, CA

"Wow...I love this thing...When I first got it, it was heavy but in just a couple of week the balls has become very light to me.  I feel stronger now.  What I love about this ball is that after playing with it for just five minutes, a regular ball becomes light as feather.  After practicing for two weeks, I stop to test myself with some of my friends.  They have hard time playing with me and of course I can shoot farther and more accurrate.  Before, I always get block because I can't shoot from outside so I have to get close to the rim but now, I can even do three-pointers!  This is the best thing...I love it...Thank you so much JumpUSA for everything..."

Agee Y.

Power Handling
set of 2 Naypalms plus 3 lb. Heavy Basketball
See the Naypalm
Add a 3 lb. Heavy Basketball with the Naypalm to strengthen your fingers and reach your maximum dribbling potential!
(Item # NPOWER)

Ballin Skillz
set of 2 Naypalms plus the Bandit plus
3 lb. Heavy Basketball

Get Power Handles and use the Bandit to give you the perfect shot!
(Item # NBALLIN)

The "A" Game
Set of 2 Naypalms + 3 lb. Heavy Basketball + the Bandit Shooting Arm Machine + The Wrist Roller
See The Naypalm PageThe BanditThe Wrist Roller
The Ultimate in basketball training!  Get power handling with the Naypalms and Heavy Ball, and shoot with perfect form with the Bandit while strengthening your wrists and arms with the Wrist Roller (weights not included).
Bring out the "A" Game in you.

Heavyball + Weight BeltWeight Belt + Heavy Basketball
Heavyball + Weight Belt
Try Hypergravity: It's Like Training on Jupiter!

A powerful one - two combination: No training is complete without a Heavy Basketball. combined with a Hyper Gravity Weight Belt, you'll be training in a total hypergravity environment. Every movement will be harder, every shot will be farther, and your body will be forced to get stronger. Then step back onto earth and marvel at how ridiculously light you feel.

10 lb. Weight Belt + Heavy Basketball

20 lb. Weight Belt  + Heavy Basketball
(Item # HEAVYBELT20)

30 lb. Weight Belt  + Heavy Basketball
(Item # HEAVYBELT30)

Save $10 with these HyperGravity Combos!

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The Bandit
The Wrist Roller
the Wrist Roller

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