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The High Stepper

Explosive Hip Flexor Weight Training Machine


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The High Stepper Hip Flexor Machine
High Stepper Hip Flexor
The High Stepper develops explosive power in the hip flexors and legs in a running motion, substantially increasing the speed, quickness and durability of your athletes.

Athletes will find their knees driving higher and more powerfully when they run. Running backs gain the extra power in their legs to drive through tackles. Coaches are loosing players to fewer groin injuries with their athletes after training on the High Stepper.
  • Improves 40 yards dash times
  • Decreases groin injuries
  • Legs explode higher and more powerfully
  • Increases speed, quickness and durability
Dimensions: 34 1/2 X 38 X 53

The High Stepper

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 Customize Your High Stepper Color for Teams, Gym, or Home

You don't have to settle for black or gray weight training machines with the High Stepper. Select from the color swatches below and your fitness equipment can match your team, school, gym or home fitness colors.

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