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    The World's #1 plyometric training
    shoe platform has the ultimate upgrade.
    The PROPRIOCEPTOR improves
   balance, agility,and quickness

Gain instant vertical and stride length with these amazing insoles!
Scientifically proven! 
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Perfect Jumper
Bobby Knight, Steve Nash, Carmelo Anthony share with you a tool for their success: The Perfect Jumper
Swivler Rotating Bindings!

The most innovative snowboard attachment the world has ever seen! With just a quick pull on the swivler tether you can easily walk or stand without your knee or ankle being twisted.
Lateral Resistance Bands

Lateral Resistance Bands are one of the most effective exercises for building lateral quickness, agility, change of direction cutting ability. 

Spalding's TF1000

Our favorite indoor basketball! 
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Hanging Abs

Hanging Leg Raises are one of the most effective abdominal exercises you can do. It works your entire ab section, including the difficult to hit lower abs.
Landwave Skateboard Ramps

The only ramp that expands higher, wider, and longer!

WAG - Weighted
Agility Gloves

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The 3 lb. Heavy Basketball
Steve Nash DVD

Learn first-hand from Steve the training secrets you'll need to become a complete basketball player.

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Featured Special: 
The Naypalm and The Bandit - Save $7!
The Bandit
The most popular dribbling and shooting aids packaged for the holidays.  Improve the two key areas of basketball form! Naypalm comes in set of 2, Bandit comes complete with shooting video and training manual. Click on the pictures for detailed descriptions.

(Item # NBANDIT)

Heavy Weighted

Jumpropes and Heavy Jumpropes
From 1 lb. to 4 lb.
Double Grip Handle Balls
A great upgrade to Jumpsoles workouts! 

Double Grip Handle Balls, the training tools of the future!

(order anything on that page and use this $10 coupon code: CPMBDGH )

  • Increase the effectiveness of your Vertical Jumping Workout
  • Strengthen your arms, grip, ab, core, and back
  • Add a Swiss Ball to allow even more exercises!

Magic Fundamentals DVD
Train with Magic, Kareem, Carmelo, and more.

Gifts for Basketball Players:
All Purpose Sports Bag

Luxury Sports Bag with shoe and ball compartments.
NBA Shooting Sleeves

Keep your shooting arm warm, improve circulation!
Better Basketball Videos/DVDs

Dribbling, Shooting, 1-on-1 Defense, Passing, Post Play videos from the pros!

Gifts for Baseball Players: (click here to see all Baseball Products)
The Quick Swing

Batting practice just got better. The Quickswing can be used in place of a Soft Toss, just drop the ball and swing!
Swingbuster Pop Up Tee

Pop-Up Tee that trains you to hit the right way - hands back, foot down, hips leading to the ball.

Batting Tees

Batting Tees
Regular and 5 point batting tees

Gifts for Golfers: (click here to see all Golf Products)
The Refiner Golf Club

Hinged Swing Trainer teaches you the perfect swing!  Now available in Driver and Putter!
The Putting Arc

Great putting is not a mysterious art... great putting is an Arc.
The Divot Mat

The DivotMat™ System will improve your ball contact!
with 500 Swing Impressions

Gifts for Fitness: (click here to see all Fitness Products)
The Fitstik Body Sculpting System
The total body sculpting system comes with a poster full of exercises you can do in your own room.
Indian Clubs

Know someone with shoulder pain? This is a great gift for working on that bum shoulder.

Gifts for Serious Athletes: (for details, click on the images)

Build Lateral Power, Speed, and Strength!
Leap side to side - with Jumpsoles for extra effect - and build superior lateral speed and power. Gain quick crossover power and tremendous juking power! To be used outdoors - you can put them as far apart as you need.
The Roman Chair - Hyperextension

Strengthen and tighten your abdominals and lower back to perfection!
Many athletes work their legs and arms with dedication, but neglect their abs and lower back. As a chain is as strong as its weakest link, your body also needs these crucial muscles to perform at its best!

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